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  1. jeffery davies says:

    yes how much yo ugot in the bank yep well we aint got much its only the rich which might have a few billion in them so the bankers lost the monies of these and now we got to pay it back so that they keep their tables full while we starve just about right how come the bankers are stil lwalking around still doing whot they do best grabbing our monies and big bonuses for themselves yep why are they still doing it aint any country but iceland going to lock them up nah jeff3

  2. Aletheia says:

    I have an overdraft facility which has been up to the max in recent years, but some poor people do not have the option of this and have to do without. I think it is a crying shame that the majority of people sit back and let the wealthiest cripple the poorest. Shame on anyone who has not tried to help people worse off than themselves because they cannot be bothered. One day it could be you!. I remember a person who had originally been wealthy using the charity where I worked for clothes for her son who just a few months earlier he had been in boarding school.
    “As the richest 10% of people in Britain own 40% of the national wealth”.. . quote from above article,the 90% should be doing something about it and stop playing the role of the helpless.

  3. Jim Edge says:

    In the early 70s some accountant decided that flat rate rises were not good and introduced the percentage rise thus inflation took off with a vengence ant one in the UK will remember the raging inflation and 20-30 percent interest rates.

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