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Case for third-party press complaints


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The need to permit third-party complaints on behalf of minority groups, including disabled people, will be key to addressing what Leveson describes as a “significant tendency within the press which leads to the publication of prejudicial or pejorative references to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or physical or mental illness or disability (Report, 5 December). Disabled people, alongside many other minority groups, have experienced sustained levels of misleading, hostile and discriminatory reporting in the press. Headlines such as “75% on sick are skiving” (Daily Express, 26 January 2011) are inaccurate and dangerous. Recent research by Scope found that almost half of disabled people said that attitudes towards them had got worse over the past year, with many reporting that they are increasingly confronted by strangers questioning their right to support. Hostile and inaccurate press coverage was cited as the chief cause of increasing negative attitudes.

Disabled people, as a group, are not protected by the editors’ code or the right to make a complaint to the PCC. Leveson’s recommendations to allow third-party complaints and extend the editors’ code to outlaw prejudicial or pejorative references to minority groups, as well as individuals, are critical to ensuring a right of redress and a voice for minority groups. This is not a slippery slope to the press being “hijacked” by “sinister” pressure groups‚ as Tory MP Conor Burns suggests. Implementing these recommendations will give those who are so often the victims of sensationalist and prejudicial headlines the basic right to make a complaint.

Tracey Lazard CEO, Inclusion London
Kirsten Hearn Chair, Inclusion London
Tara Flood CEO, Alliance for Inclusive Education
Linda Burnip Disabled People Against Cuts
John McArdle Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign In Defence of Disability Rights
Katharine Quarmby Journalist
John Pring Journalist, Disability News Service
Mo Stewart Disability researcher
Dr Stephen M Carty Medical adviser, Black Triangle
Simone Aspis Changing Perspectives
Eleanor Lisney Sisters of Frida
Anne Novis 
Stephen Brookes Co-ordinator, Disability Hate Crime Network

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12 thoughts on “‘Case for third-party press complaints’ ~ Our joint letter published by The Guardian

  1. jed goodright says:

    also in the guardian today:

    There’s a story in the Daily Mail saying that the government’s plans to replace disability living allowance (DLA) with a new benefit, the personal independence payment (PIP) will end “unchecked welfare for life” for 330,000 claimants. (See 10.59am.) Tough stuff.

    Esther McVey, the welfare minister, gave a statement about this in the Commons. But it turns out that real story involves the crackdown on “unchecked welfare for life” (as the Mail puts it) being delayed for up to two years.

    New claimants will start claiming PIP instead of DLA from April 2013 and the Department for Work and Pensions will start moving existing claimants on to the new benefit from October 2013.

    But now existing claimants will only be transferred to PIP from October 2013 if there is a change in their circumstances, or if their claim period comes to an end. Most existing claimants will not be transferred to the new benefit until 2015.

    McVey told MPs this was adopting a “significantly slower reassessment timetable” to ensure that it got it right.

    At that point more than 300,000 claimaints will lose out. This is what she told MPs.

    By reforming the system, ensuring it is fit for the 21st century, we can use the money we spend on disabled people more efficiently and effectively to help those most in need … By October 2015 we will have reassessed 560,000 claimants. Of those, 160,000 will get a reduced award and 170,000 will get no award. However, 230,000 will get the same or more support.

    12.25pm GMT

  2. Boadacia! says:

    Just another way of making sure only those who have a few months left to live, will be able to get anything! Your whole life’s paid taxes and NI are meaningless when the Mafia are in control!

  3. Dissabled dave says:

    So McVey has told MPs:
    “By October 2015 we will have reassessed 560,000 claimants. Of those, 160,000 will get a reduced award and 170,000 will get no award. However, 230,000 will get the same or more support.”
    In other words, they have already decided how many people will be put in each group, regardless of what their actual disabilities are, and if they can’t get the right numbers I reckon the will move the goalposts again until these targets are met. Not they they will have targets of course, just like Atos don’t have targets…

  4. jed goodright says:


    or am I going mad FFS

      1. jed goodright says:

        Assuming you are talking to me JJ

        I think it an important comment by McVey – it has been around awhile and it would be interesting to note other’s views as well as confirm what I believe is being said. Whilst I think Mcvey is already bringing the ‘lies’ to the table this is a very quiet way of making a statement about PIP and it’s eventual rolling out. I thought then and still think now it is IMPORTANT!!!

  5. Boadacia! says:

    This is a war! The only way to win, is to publicise everywhere we can, because these abominable excuses for politicians (both sides) – have as much compassion and care as Heinrich Himmlers’s Doberman! Our extermination is their very aim. So don’t be shocked that no one gives a monkey’s testicle. It’s all happened before.

  6. 0102xileF says:

    It is common rule in Europe that ignorant persons have good possibilities to become politicians.
    is sufficient to read a few papers received by the bankers and is all OK !

  7. jed goodright says:

    funny how somebody makes a critique of my comment but doen’t have the decency to respond – despite ealier comment outlining the issue – what is the point of this blog???

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