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The language used today to justify cuts to welfare benefits and health care are much the same as the British government used when they failed to aid the victims of the Irish famine

‘From Malthus to Ian Duncan Smith’ : On the the bicentennial of the birth of Dickens – A New Poor Law

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  1. jeffery davies says:

    welcome back to 1800s where we work for nowt and cant get help with anything as its now tory domain where povety walks with you daily and for them to tell you ,you aint had it so good while they got their fingers in the pies and gas on full electric lights glaring out why because we pay for it yes its about time the little man done something about it but then its not hurting them yet as they not social scroungers just wait they will while telling us about it and they got their fingers in the till how adept of them to say this when all in all its them not us we aint got thousands in the banks only they have so we prop them up while they still eat their caviar and champers jeff3

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    Politicians May Never of had it so Good but The Poor and Vulnerable have Never
    had it so Bad under the Tory Tinpot Dictatorship

    I Do Wish the Public at Large would Wake Up from their Trivial and Selfish Little
    Worlds show some Human Compassion For the Poor and Vulnerable Stop being
    Brainwashed by the ” Mainstream Media ” and Stand Up to the Tory Wealth
    Supremacist Regime and DEMAND that their Welfare Policies be Substantially
    Improved to Provide the Poor and Vulnerable with the Support they Need instead
    of being in their Tiny Little Worlds Thinking Only of Christmas Presents Pahlava

    Christmas is Supposed to be a Time For Giving so the Least the Public at Large
    can do is Stop being so Servile to the Regime and Show Moral and Active Support
    to Humans in the United Kingdom who are Poor and Vulnerable

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