Squeezed Britain: Cuts Dont Work – They Hurt – Let’s FIGHT BACK to win beginning on 20th October!





Black Triangle SAYS: Badger the GRASSROOTS to STRIKE in Defence of a Humane Society


Everyone in Britain who cares about A HUMANE SOCIETY has a duty to UNITE FOR A ROLLING GENERAL STRIKE FROM OCTOBER 20TH!!! 



The government’s austerity measures are biting hard. Hard pressed families are feeling the squeeze.

One in seven children go without a hot meal and the only growth is in foodbanks.

With pay cuts and rising bills many are unable to make their money last a month and in desperation are driven to take out pay-day loans.

We need an alternative to austerity and cuts. We need a program of growth to build the economy.

You can help by sharing this video and by joining the mass demonstration on October 20th.


  • jed goodright October 10, 2012 at 8:04 am

    what, exactly has Unite and the TUC done for disabled people?
    The TUC stands idly by as disabled people are killed by the present government – in the knowledge that this will continue if Labour ever got back into power.

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