VIDEO: What does ‘One Nation Labour’ mean for people on ‘welfare’?

The Tories and Liberal Democrats are drastically changing the welfare state.

But does Labour offer a real alternative?

“So there you go: Vote Tory and you get a social security crackdown with a budget target. Vote Labour and you get a social security crackdown without a budget target. Makes you feel better, doesn’t it?”

~ John Harris

While its party conference in Manchester remains strangely quiet on the issue, John Harris journeys to Moss Side to talk to people at the sharp end – and finds himself reeling after a U-turn from Labour’s work and pensions spokesman Liam Byrne

Watch the video report: HERE


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: What does ‘One Nation Labour’ mean for people on ‘welfare’?

  1. Vee StJohn-Byles says:

    It does not matter what party is in, nothing will change because they are the puppets, the puppet masters are hidden (Banks, global corporations etc) any government is Bank owned and funded (though you try proving it)

    What it all means to the person on the street is the only things to change will be the amount of rules, regulations, control and the methods utilised. Expect to be watched, sanctioned, de-humanised and allowed to rot basically as they do not care. They would not know how to.

    The poor things are mere creatures who live in a world that is ruled by more of the same, and they must do ‘their’ master’s bidding or be sanctioned, or otherwise dealt with and the higher up the ‘food chain’ (money trail) you go, the fewer of them there are, but they exert the most control from positions of maximum power. Their influence reaches across continents like a virus, actually like the virus THEY are!

    These are the fleas on the backs of the ordinary people like you and I that make up real humanity. It is us, real humanity that are having the lifeblood sucked out of us by these filthy parasites. The men in suits and they minions.

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