Destination Unknown: “For Disabled People The Worst Is Yet To Come”

June 22, 2012 

By our partners

“Shortly after the formation of the Coalition Government in May2010, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, laid the foundations for one of the most radical programmes of reform to the welfare benefits system since it’s creation.”

What many experts agree is that disabled people are being hit the hardest by reforms to the welfare system with some finding they are £100s of pounds a year (or more) worse off under this coalition government, and unable to locate and/or secure local social care provision and services. With things as bad as they are would it be unthinkable to contemplate that life for the disabled and vulnerable could possibly get any worse?

A report by the think-tank Demos investigates this. 

97920125 Destination Unknown Summer 2012 for Disabled People the Worst is Yet to Come


2 thoughts on “Destination Unknown: “For Disabled People The Worst Is Yet To Come”

  1. kasbah says:

    Hmm, lets look to history for clues…ah, intellectuals, gypsies, people who are gay, women who have had sex outside of marriage, people who don’t have pale skin, mediums, lone parents (again) vagrants…better stop the list here before the whole of society is bumped off apart from wealthy middle-aged white men…

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