Fury over £1m bonus for chief executive of controversial Sickness benefit test company AtoS

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Jun 17 2012 Sunday Mail

AtoS Boss Breton takes a £1 million bonus

THE private firm behind controversial sickness benefit tests have been slammed for awarding their chief executive almost £1million in bonus payments.

International company Atos are contracted to reassess people claiming sickness and disability benefits.

Heart attack and lung-disease victims are among those the firm have assessed as being well enough to look for jobs.

According to Atos’ annual report, chairman and chief executive Thierry Breton received £1.95million in 2011.

Half the amount was his salary and the other half was a bonus. He received £1.83million the previous year.

Rutherglen and Hamilton West Labour MP Tom Greatrex said: “People will find it hard to believe that the boss of Atos sees fit to reward himself with millions in bonuses, while thousands of sick and disabled people in Scotland suffer.

“It will sicken those who have been through the Atos process to hear the company crow about their expertise in healthcare.

“Thousands of people have suffered because, time and again, incorrect decisions have been made on the back ofAtos assessments.”

Atos declined to comment on Breton’s bonus.

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8 thoughts on “Fury over £1m bonus for chief executive of controversial Sickness benefit test company AtoS

  1. jeffery davies says:

    and yet again the tory way shows up once again with the greedy pigs with snouts in the pay trough helping themselves while those on benefits get stopped or cut while the they can award one self extra moneys ontop of whot they are paid welcome to the land of the rich where poor you dirt and the rich just laugh and carry on 8milliom reason to get rid of these parasites emma,s one now atos its where our money they cut goes else where but is not saved only diverted to those needy the rich enough enough jeff3

  2. Andy Mayer says:

    Why is anyone surprised that this is happening again, until we all stand together and get rid of this government it will NOT stop. it’s time the British public marched on Dowing St and threw these Bastard’s out on their ear’s.

    1. owen meharry says:

      Here in Glasgow Atos is a commonwealth partner and before the games we have various events in the Chris Hoy Veladarome the biggest happening in November with plenty of space for a demo or do you think this too far away

  3. kasbah says:

    Yes Andy and Owen, something big needs to be organised pronto to expose this and inform the public of the outrage that is ATOS who don’t give A TOSS. Downing St need to grasp that enough is enough. Can we link with our partners to do this? What do you think JJ?

  4. DAVID A SHAW says:

    This must be seen as the final nail for this disgusting company. This man should be paying out compensation for the actions of his disgraceful company and its policies. But then again one million would not cover one incident that has led to a death, so i would say ATOS must be kicked out of this country and immediately. GPs are the only ones equipped to do accurate assessments, you dont send a plumber to fix the electrics do you ?

  5. jeffery davies says:


  6. muffie02 says:

    aye and it will be 2million + next year seeing as atos has the PIP contract ( according to info received ) – kasbah is right -BUT untill EVERY disabled group – person and “charity” hit the streets in one mass display of unity all over the uk – nothing will happen as the ” TABS (temporally able bodied ) ” SHEEPEL of this country dont know or care as its not happening to THEM yet

    its obvious that the powers that be from local councillors to MP’s are not listening ( read more interested in preserving their own place at the trough ) – and the non disabled prefer to believe the media –

    BUT the biggest problem IMO ?? – this whole thing has become a matter of vested interest instead of common interest with some “charities” more interested in their funding than fighting for ther common good – some “campaigning ” groups being more interested in being seen as “politically correct ” and even some disabled people either refusing to believe whats about to befall them – or taking the “i’m ok – screw the rest attitude ( and i make NO appology for saying this )

    either we DO join and speak as ONE – or sorry folks it will end up as every man for themselves – now WHICH do we want ???

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