Whose Games? Whose City? DEMONSTRATION AGAINST THE CORPORATE OLYMPICS 28th July 2012 12 noon


Assemble: 12 noon, Saturday 28 July,
Mile End Park, East London (nearest tube Mile End)
March to Victoria Park for Peoples Games For All

Called by: Counter Olympics Network Supported by: Brent Trades Council, Hackney Trades Council, Haringey Trades Council, Islington Trades Council, Lewisham Trades Council, Waltham Forest Trades Council, Coalition of Resistance, Disabled People Against Cuts, Drop Dow Now, Stop the Olympic Missiles, Save Leyton Marsh Campaign, Wanstead Flats Campaign, G4S Campaign, UK Tar Sands Network, London Mining Network, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, Counterfire, Defend the Right to Protest, Blacklist Support Group, Games Monitor, Our Olympics, ALARM and more


3 thoughts on “Whose Games? Whose City? DEMONSTRATION AGAINST THE CORPORATE OLYMPICS 28th July 2012 12 noon

  1. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Just watch out that they dont fire rubber bullets at you, or use any other now legalised method of crowd control. After all you are trash in their eyes, and have no right to oppose their corporate games , as meaningless and trite as they have become to the people of the nation. This to the detriment of the athletes competing, who are now simply pawns in a political game, and to the notion of sport in general, which is now seen to be simply the tool of the money men, and nothing to do with the ordinary person at all.

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    Indeed the Usage of Rubber Bullets and Tazors is a Brutal Violation of Human Rights
    and Absolutely Un Acceptable like this Regime being in Office for All Eternity as seems
    presently the Case whilst People live to get Drunk on Friday and Saturday Nights Slavery
    Lovers in a Drunken Stupor

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