Tribute to Gerry Poole: Disability rights campaigner’s final action over welfare cuts before losing his battle with cancer

Gerry Poole R.I.P. (1984-2012) - May His Memory be For a Blessing and Give Us Strength


Published on Friday 1 June 2012 in The Sheffield Telegraph

TRIBUTE was paid this week to Gerry Poole, the Sheffield man whose cancer diagnosis prompted him to campaign against “the terrible impact of welfare cuts”.

The 28-year-old had said: “I will use my time left to shame those in power.”

Gerry, who lived in Walkley, was diagnosed in January last year with stomach cancer, which spread to his liver and oesophagus.

He was given six months to live, then 12 if he responded to chemotherapy.

In fact, the former statistician and librarian lived longer and was even able to take part in last month’s St Luke’s Hospice Starlight Walk, in a wheelchair.

Eamonn Ward, of Sheffield Green Party, said: “Gerry was briefly a member of the Green Party but he then chose to campaign outside of party politics.

He gave all his energy to those needing help that he now leaves behind. He highlighted the many failings of the benefits system for those diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

Plus the injustice of cuts and longer qualifying periods in the coalition welfare reforms. And he was on the streets with UK Uncut highlighting the tax avoiders not paying their fair share while the disabled bear the brunt of the cuts.

He achieved a lot in his final 16 months and inspired many people who will continue to campaign for fairness and equality.

Gerry supported an alliance of cancer charities that wrote to Welfare Secretary Iain Duncan Smith over their concerns patients will be pushed into poverty as a result of welfare reforms

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9 thoughts on “Tribute to Gerry Poole: Disability rights campaigner’s final action over welfare cuts before losing his battle with cancer

  1. John Hargrave says:

    It is always sad to lose someone of Gerry’s calibre, but many thanks to him for all his hard work on our behalf. R.I.P.

  2. jeffrey davies says:

    rip but i dont think this goverment cares a toss about us and the more people like this we treat with this needless atos ser firm is getting more every wk who are finding thier last days on earth with this lot telling them they fit for work unbelievible its the yr 2012 and we still in yr dot dot with this lot . rest in peace gerry and i hope your family takes some pride in how you fought them ps ids doesnt care and will not bend whot a hero of the torys party jeff3

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    Indeed a Far more Decent Man than the Shower of Millionaires in Cabinet

    The Tories make me Feel Sick just like anyone Gormless enough to Vote for them

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