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The government has published a luke warm response to Work and Pensions Committee’s report on the reform of Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment.

Published 31/05/2012

Qualifying period:

The government refused to action the committee’s recommendation that sudden onset conditions such as stroke or traumatic injury have immediate eligibility, the same as for terminal illnesses, rather than having to wait for 3 month. The government said  that the NHS provides support for in-patients and that there is a range of means-tested and non-means-tested support in place for less acute out patients.

Draft PIP eligibility criteria:

The government also refused to action the committee’s recommendation that the government take into consideration factors such as housing, access to public transport and hilly locations in the activity descriptors, saying that it would create a more subjective and inconsistent assessment.

Other government responses included: 

Media coverage:

The committee recommended that the government take the necessary steps to ensure that the stories government are accurate and put in context, in response the government highlighted that the disability strategy will aim to change attitudes and behaviour. 

Inclusion London comment:

Government’s commitment to improve their portrayal of disabled people in the media has to be seriously questioned because not only did Ian Duncan Smith incorrectly speak about ‘abuse and fraud’ of the benefits system by disabled people in an article printed in the media only three days after the report was published, but also the government has delayed the publication of the disability strategy to later this year.

Policy objectives:

The government said it will update the figure it intends to save from the DLA/PIP budget, when benefit rates are announced and the design of PIP is more advanced. Previously the government announced its intention to save 20% of the DLA/PIP budget.  However, the committee pointed that the 20% figure was (incorrectly) based on growth of 29% while in reality growth is closer to 16 %, which takes into account demographic change and also that PIP only applies to those of working age.

Communication and consultation

The government responded to the committees concern that the initial consultation was only 10 weeks in length and over the Christmas period when the recommended period is 12 weeks, by saying they thought that 10 weeks was adequate because it was limited to the general principles of reform. 

Inclusion London comment:

We do not agree, the basic principles of reform are the most crucial area of consultation rather than the details of the reform, which while important cannot fundamentally change the reform.

The government’s full response is available at:

Inclusion London

4 thoughts on “Government ignores recommendations on PIP criteria ~ Inclusion London

  1. jeffrey davies says:

    infact the goverment once again dont do disabled or sick they not for turning on this ,how can someone terminaly ill wait 3mnths for money they hope he or she doesnt linger mes think thus no money payout wake up britain it could be your turn to morrow to sign on the sick wait till you see how they will treat you good luck jeff3

  2. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Since when have this government listened to anyone on any matter that does not involve dismantling the state and lining their pockets.

  3. Paul Davidson says:

    This Government sure have a Disability Strategy. ”Erradication”.

    I recently made Grant Shapps very aware of how bad housing can severly impact on an individuals life. ”Attempted Suicide” for one. I’m sitting here now all alone in my own world I donr belong in any other world/Society.

    I’m so desperately trying one last stand to put evidence together of the most shocking and prolonged abuses that say to me I must just ”DIE”. I’m at permanent risk with no health professional bothered in the least.

    There is so much wrong with the Country I’m stuck in. including how Local Government work Importantly it’s so called ”Joined up Services”. Of which I’m desperately trying to expose in my area as Fundamentaly Flawed and dysfunctional

    I may be only one individual being abused/neglected by them but surely if they abuse one person they should be held to account.

    Just try getting Legal Aid to challenge such Organisations as I have done you will soon realise why I cry out so much.

    This Government has made it een easier to not get Justice and add to this the gross injustices they are unleashing Well I’m in deep deep trouble. along with so many others.

    But I refuse to go quietly they will know who I was.

    I feel the only chance of survival many of us have is by direct intevention by the European Human Right’s Commission the one here failled me so badly sinse September 2010 Remember the Hate Crime Enquiry. well they dont interviene in individual cases so the abuse went on and on.

    Just who can and ore willing to defend those being abused so openly and in secret. from Top heavy Government to it’s local led Councils and it’s close working partners to the people on the street who dabble in Hate Crime and anti Social Behaviour while the victims just go on suffering.


  4. Humanity2012 says:

    The Will and Support Needs to Exist to Get Better Policies with Regards to
    Welfare Benefits Policy than what this Shower of Millionaire’s Offers the
    Con Dem Regime

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