Maggie West: I Demand Justice

Iain Duncan Smith, DWP, Wanted for Crimes Against (Disabled Peoples') Humanity

By Maggie West

There are no words that I have not already written about this subject, often in enormous distress. I await the time when the crimes committed by politicians and the media will be accounted for in law.

The days, weeks, months and years I have watched the two members of my family who are ill, be offended and distressed, insulted and slandered by men and women not worthy to hold a torch up to them.

They will never have their courage and bravery in the face of adversity and suffering. 

They are not fit to wipe their boots and I will gladly attend these unprincipled individuals and organisation’s trials when their time comes: And it will.

I will eagerly await explanations to the public and their victims as to why they have accused millions throughout the UK of fraud with their sweeping generalisations and cowardly innuendo.

James Purnell, 'Labour', Introducer of the DWP/ATOS 'Work Capability Assessment'. A Predecessor of Tory Iain Duncan Smith at the DWP.

Let’s demand and hear evidence in a court of law of how family members are now free of long term and life shortening illnesses.

Documents to the effect that the illness that keeps the sick, ill and dying from enjoying life, holding a job down, fulfilling their potential and building a future has now left them.

Ex-Merchant Banker and current 'Labour' Shadow DWP Liam Byrne: "An Insult to the Memory of Beveridge" See:

Those guilty and complicit in these crimes are shallow men and women who have no morals, no qualms at bullying the weak in their race for power and wealth: They will be held responsible. 

Maggie West is a signatory to our letter to The Daily Telegraph here:

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3 thoughts on “Maggie West: I Demand Justice

  1. Diddy-D says:

    I concur wholeheartedly with Maggie West. And Maggie, both you and I and the millions of other slandered and bullied disabled people, WILL have JUSTICE. I detect a change of mood in the country. I am of the belief that one day, in a future and better society, Iain Duncan Smith, his supporters, and indeed, senior ATOS bureaucrats, will be placed under arrest and put on trial, for their crimes against us.

  2. Humanity Forever says:

    I am Impressed by the Moral Courage of this Article in a Time of Kow Towing
    Cronies and Bury the Head in the Sand like Ostriches Mentality amongst far too
    many People

    Resignation of Politicians Not Fit to Hold Office together with Constitutional
    Protection of the Welfare Benefits of the Poor and Vulnerable and the Redistribution
    of Wealth from Rich to Poor is the Answer together with the Ceasing of the Wasting
    of Billions upon Warfare in Afghanistan and upon Nuclear Weapons

  3. charlie sharp says:

    Is ian duncan smith an argument for the return of capital punishment. He is clearly a disciple of the anti-christ Thatcher an angel of death and torrmenter to millions his death and those of his ilke would indeed make this country a much better place for the rest of humanity

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