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From newspaper columnists, to politicians, to nightclub owners, myths and distortions are spreading..

‘Savvy activists’? – Qui? Nous, Christina? Mon Dieu! (BTC)

BY FRANCES RYAN 17 MAY 2012 15:21

It’s no longer enough to be disabled. One must, in modern Britain, be a type. Are you the real type? The genuine that is, the sort that sits there quietly and is grateful for any hand-out they receive.

Showing a bit too much life, there? Then you’re a faker, dear, undoubtedly a scrounger – and that objecting attitude means you’re a manipulative threat. It’s not enough to be disabled in these days of cuts and exclusion. There’s a right way to be lame and a wrong way, and if you spot someone doing it wrong it’s your duty as an able-bodied to let someone know.

Cristina Odone did her bit this week in the Telegraph, valiantly supporting Iain Duncan Smith’s “defiant stand” in reforming disability benefits despite him basing it on six inaccuracies.

Using lies and distorted facts to win a fight against people deemed liars and fakers is an irony we’re not meant to talk about – or call the nasty hypocrisy which it actually is.

The good disableds stay quiet, as the myths and distortions spread. Myths that now include the power – and desire – to close down entertainment premises, that is according to Royalty’s favourite licensee Howard Spooner.

It wasn’t fighting, urination or swearing in the street that led to his club’s late license being withdrawn but angry dwarves and wheelchair users who just wouldn’t move out the way.

“If a dwarf says he can’t live opposite a nightclub,” he stated with apparently full mental function, “then it is impossible to have a nightclub there because able-bodied people are having fun.”

Though not having the pleasure of Spooner’s personal acquaintance I’m assuming he needs no help to play the entitled fool.

It’s saying something though when licensing laws are blamed on people with disabilities – and when it’s a correlation a person is confident in declaring out loud.

But the real disableds don’t scream about the blame culture, the one that’s been given new life by dire economic conditions. They sit by as it grips and excludes and pushes them outside, only brought back in when something on the inside needs to be declared their fault.

The true disabled take whatever’s done or said to them, dutifully lifeless in body and the mind. When they get a little vocal though, when they dare object and campaign and speak the truth – that’s when they become a different type of disabled, the type that Odone took the time this week to warn us against.

A 'Symbolic' Fist (ROFLMAO)

This type are “savvy activists”, she told us; having the potential to succeed appears to be a reasonable ground on which to criticize the opposition. They favour “manipulation and shock value”, she distorted, citing the menacing vision of a few campaigners wearing a symbolic glove.  

True disableds fit the box that’s been made for them. Passive, needing and accepting. Just not enough to make Odone or the compassionate conservatives start to feel guilty; then it’s probably time to take your offensive need and go indoors. Luckily that’s starting to happen anyway, thanks to cuts to the benefits and services that enable many disabled people to leave the house.

Taking a human’s dignity and freedom is all well and good of course, but one doesn’t want to have to look at it whilst it occurs.

Don’t worry though! There’s nothing to fret about, not if you’re the real disabled. These measures will only affect the liars and the fakers, the ones all this is out to get.

The slashes to welfare and the hateful rhetoric is, as Cristina tells us, “for the sake of the disabled” and that’s something we shouldn’t forget.

Disabled people are enduring vilification and the arbitrary withdrawal of life-defining welfare.

They’re now being told to be grateful for it.

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5 thoughts on “‘Disability and the return of blame culture’ ~ New Statesman

  1. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Well they are all coming out of the closet now, soon we will have a whole army of jackbooted fascists waiting to do the bidding of IDS, what a really stupid and ignorant nation we have become.

  2. martyn ounstead says:

    we must all stand together in this age of hate against the sick and disabled peddled by IDS and his cronies and imposed by ATOS,society should be judged by how well it cares for the sick and disabled,the poor and infirm,the elderly and mentally ill How will the society being created by this CONdem government be judged ???

  3. jeffrey davies says:

    FRANCES RYAN very correct its seems if you can bend arm or leg your fit for work but being placed in a work group they are breaking the law themselves as most people here whont get a penny ifa accident happens in work as the first thing the insurance is going to investigate you once they find you got certain disabiltys solong cover no money so how the hell can the tory s say you are fit for work we need someone to chanpion the sick like a barrister to take these sick tory money lovers power ridden ego mainiacs back in thier place of goverment jeff3

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