4 thoughts on “Sue Marsh on Newsnight

  1. unitybiker says:

    The are the same side,they are a one way channel,its not about discussion,its about politicians deciding ,then getting ass licked while they explain how they are going to sort the scroungers out.
    Consider the irony,Rupert Murdoch makes millions out of BBC channels yet pays zero,the bbc makes millions out of its channels,yet has the cheek to make us pay a license fee!!!!I watched newsnight for years,until I saw them roll over on obvious deceptive WMD’s etc,since then I ignore the BBC.
    During the ‘liberation’ of Lybia the BBC were reporting the fall of some town,behind the newsreader ,on screen,were lots of dark araby people jumping up and down with flags celebrating………..but the flags were from an Indian political rally!!!!!!!Sometimes..the BBC FAKE NEWS ,RT news has become the family favourite.

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