3 thoughts on “Atos: not fit to work the ‘fit to work’ test

  1. lizz says:

    i have had the worst time well i say that but no worse than the rest of the disabled and mental health problem s i have anxiety and depression i also have suicidal thoughts i have a few physical problems due to my illness i rarely leave my home the medical at atos was a farce a nurse who looked to young to have been a nurse never examined me just the usual shit hat they say do you watch tv i answered her true fully what i got back was a big fat zero score and she made stuff up i am appealing for esa no money at all i have never worked due to illness not because i dont want to its disgusting i haven’t had any money in over a month despite sending my appeal and sick note in plenty of time waiting two hours in a stupid jobcentre all i want to do now is curl up and die i know im not supposed to say it but i feel like i am a lier but i am not do the government think i would stay home on the shitty money they pay no mansion for me no flat screens no holidays etc i have nothing i live each day as best i canfor should be receiving due to mental health and yes i see my gp yes i see a psychiatrist etc i get the pricey sum of £ 42.00 a week you tell me whos lying why would anyone stay home for that go through test after test to prove i am ill if i could id work but you tell me how to cre social anxiety and mental health problems overnight cause atos think tick boxes are a total cure even for cancer by what i am reading i feel sicker to be british

  2. roland says:

    its great to see people are protesting and NOT TAKING DIRECT ACTION.
    i must emphasise that the right way to do things is to launch petitions, ask for reviews, BUT ABOVE ALL do not INSTALL THE LOW ORBIT ION CANNON on your computer, or VISIT http://loworbitwebcannon.blogspot.com/
    under no circumstances do this because it will cripple atos in an unfair and illegal way. the mindless horrible people who use the webcannon to rip the atos corporate sites to shreds ALWAYS ORGANISE IN LARGE GROUPS AND COORDINATE MASS ATTACKS AT PEAK BUSINESS TIMES for example 09:30 EVERY MORNING. and other people who are not interested in internet attacks are strongly advised not to MAKE CONSTANT PHONE CALLS TO EVERY ATOS NUMBER THEY CAN FIND TO ASK LONG COMPLEX INANE QUESTIONS because they will only jam the swtchboards and prevent the smooth running of their business, which remember is TO RIP THE BREAD FROM OUR MOUTHS.
    so please play fair and restrict your protests against atos to holding placards in the street and writing to your MP. this has shown to scare atos more than anything else (exept where atos, and your MP are both members of the same club: http://www.commonpurpose.org/)



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