• After Atos December 8, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Just gone round Wales and West country and a few others trying again to encourage the local political reps and bigwigs to have an audit of their disabled and what has happened, sending them regional feedback from the disabled responses and asking for an overall accounting for the disabled. Answers so far my our representatives and members who should be representing and standing up for the vulnerable and disabled and children is “Not my problem” “Wish I could help” “Outside what I can do” “You need to go back to Westminster and DWP Department for you to be supported in getting the feedback and accounting of all the disabled.” I could swing something heavy through the nearest window.probably a lightweigth politician. Did say it was like them being like the little local Mayors in little towns who stood by and said they could do nothing as their consituents and friends and fellow citizens got persecuted, forced into trucks or shot in front of them in Germany in 1930s and 40s. I am afraid it not only fell on deaf ears but probably deaf hearts. But come the recount of history it cannot be said they did not know and were not told. Because After Atos told them every time. But who is looking forward to posterity when it is a child’s life? a disabled person’s welfare and a people’s ability to look after their own. Bit sad but will go on. Article in Private Eye was good. Glad I could help with that.

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