14 thoughts on “Unfit For Purpose – Private Eye Again

  1. Leon Carter says:

    I too had an haemorrhagic bleed/SAH Stroke in April 1991 but dispite having life long disabilities both physical and mental I went back to work after 18 mths recovery for 17 years until 2007 when I was made redundant.

    I never claimed any benefits during this working period knowing that one day I will need the help of government so chose to wait after all why should I claim if I was earning a good working wage that was my moral issue however did the government look after me when I did need it nope like hell they did I am struggling now to meet my mortgage and utility bills plus the ever increasing prices on the high street.

    I had an atos medical at home and she asked me if I walk that dog lol yes I thought the question a bit strange but I was truthful and said yes sometimes I do depending how I feel and only short walks that was it no chances to explain that the reason I like to walk my dog as it keeps me active which is better than sitting in a chair all day it causes musculo-skeletal pain and discomfort but I have to see past this pain and carry on otherwise my spasticity would get worse.

    It is bad enough fighting my disabilities with out having to explain myself at every turn to this government and DWP I have had a very serious illness that nearly killed me and has left me with far reaching disabilities why can I not be left alone to live out my life in peace without all this bullshite sometimes I wish that 12 hr operation to clip the bleed killed me because at least then I would not be subjected to this crap all the time.

  2. Leon Carter on Facebook says:

    It is time that a group of disabled suffering with this on top of there illnesses got together a brought a class action against the DWP and ATOS in a court of law because what they are doing here is totally unjust and goes against the ethos of any civilised nation.

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