UK Human Rights Blog – ‘Inquiry into disability-related harassment reports’ – 13/9/2011 by Adam Wagner (1 Crown Office Row Chambers)

Rights Commission has published Hidden in plain sight, a report into disability-related harassment and how well this is currently being addressed by public authorities.

The report, which finds a “systemic failure by public authorities to recognise the extent and impact of harassment and abuse of disabled people” can be downloaded here, the “easy read” version here and the executive summary here. I have also reposted the Executive Summary via Scribd below. The Inquiry found, amongst other things: 

  • Cases of disability-related harassment which come to court and receive media attention are only the tip of the iceberg. Our evidence indicates that, for many disabled people, harassment is a commonplace experience. Many come to accept it as inevitable.
  • Disabled people often do not report harassment, for a number of reasons: it may be unclear who to report it to; they may fear the consequences of reporting; or they may fear that the police or other authorities will not believe them. A culture of disbelief exists around this issue. For this reason, we describe it as a problem which is ‘hidden in plain sight’.
  • There is a systemic failure by public authorities to recognise the extent and impact of harassment and abuse of disabled people, take action to prevent it happening in the first place and intervene effectively when it does. These organisational failings need to be addressed as a matter of urgency and the full report makes a number of recommendations aimed at helping agencies to do so.
  • Any serious attempt to prevent the harassment of disabled people will need to consider more than organisational change, although that will be an important precondition to progress. The bigger challenge is to transform the way disabled people are viewed, valued and included in society.
Let’s start with a change of government, shall we? Black Triangle holds them culpable of incitement through their wicked media campaigns to demonise sick and disabled people as ‘scroungers’ and by their efforts to redefine the word ‘disabled’ to mean “fit for work” or just “able-bodied”! The swines!

Read the full report HERE: 
  • smokinghorse September 13, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    l find unless it happens to you,most people just don’t wish to no. So when the government talks about getting people of disability of benefits in to work we have to sort this out

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