Lib Dems to Force Conference Debate on Welfare reform

Libdem blogger George Potter (also a frequent contributor to Liberal Conspiracy) will mostly likely force a debate at the Liberal Democrat conference on Employment Support Allowance.

The amendment calls for a “less stressful Assessment process” and for people with disabilities to get the support they need.

He reported on his blog yesterday:

The amendment Sophie Bridger and I have written to the ESA motion was submitted to the Federal Conference Committee today by Guildford Liberal Democrats who are kindly sponsoring it. This now means that the FCC will formally consider whether to allow the amendment to be placed on the agenda for the debate on the original motion itself. Under the circumstances, I can’t see any grounds for blocking a debate on an amendment so that stage should be something of a formality.

The amendment can be read here, and the news was loudly welcomed by disability campaigners.

A similar amendment is being submitted by another group of Libdem campaigners, including Dr Evan Harris.

Plans are now afoot to combine the two amendments, force a debate and a vote, and get the Libdems to take action on the extremely harsh ATOS tests as part of the Welfare Reform bill.

Liberal Conspiracy

For anybody who would like to lobby LibDem MP’s below is a list of all their e-mail addresses, please feel free to tell them how you feel about Welfare Reform, (not that I expect them to listen). Nick Clegg Danny Alexander Norman Baker Sir Alan Beith Gordon Birtwhistle Annette Brooke Jeremy Browne Malcolm Bruce Paul Burstow Lorely Burt Vince Cable Sir Menzies Campbell Alistair Carmichael Mike Crockart Edward Davey Tim Farron Lynne Featherstone Don Foster Andrew George Stephen Gilbert Duncan Hames Mike Hancock Nick Harvey David Heath John Hemming Martin Horwood Simon Hughes Chris Huhne Mark Hunter Julian Huppert Charles Kennedy Norman Lamb David Laws John Leech Stephen Lloyd Michael Moore Greg Mulholland Tessa Munt John Pugh Alan Reid Dan Rogerson Bob Russell Adrian Sanders Sir Robert Smith Andrew Stunell Ian Swales Jo Swinson Sarah Teather John Thurso David Ward Steve Webb Roger Williams Stephen Williams Mark Williams Jenny Willott Simon Wright

7 thoughts on “Lib Dems to Force Conference Debate on Welfare reform

  1. Cait Ni Cadlaig on Facebook says:

    fingers crossed but having IDS on Andrew Marr this morning Marr hardly challenged him In fact he was only short of bowing !! Wheras when he spoke to Unites person Well not a lot of time was given and very little was really said into the bargain !!

  2. Mozza says:

    It’s all very well using professionals who are accountable to the GMC or RCN but these two professional bodies have been so overwhelmed by the numbers of complaints that the GMC has now decided NOT to investigate any Atos doctor reported to them UNLESS the case has had a successful appeal. It is a greater concern that this private contractor has no public accountability, are not overseen by the Care Quality Commission, and so the public have no protection against this discredited company. Mo

  3. Phillip Dudd says:

    Incapacity benefit:
    To help people stay or become incapacitated,
    and get in debt till forced onto esa.
    designed to get sick people onto Jsa
    To assist people to become sick.
    Bedroom Tax:
    if your thinking of becoming or staying sick,
    this should really give assistance by making life hell
    and for children as well,
    Benefit sanctioning:
    to make sure you live under more threats if
    for any reason you are recieving any of the above.
    Council tax: To involve more threats and bully tactics
    when you find you miss any payments from being sick.
    or poor.
    Complaint procedures:
    Not for any of the above, and not for any company that
    dosnt want to deal with complaints,
    so this will help if you are determined to be sick
    GP appointments: don’t forget to plan when you will be sick,
    not including, stress, anxiety, depression,
    or if affected by any of the above,
    also if you meet any of the above criteria,
    you should be totally able and available to get a job,
    But just dont be sick even if you are when you started the job,
    you wont be able to complain anyway.

  4. Phillip Dudd says:

    I think all government ministers work really hard, and should all take a 50 year holiday,
    (starting now) with full pay and be provided an extra property (tax free) to holiday in.
    I appreciate the reforms are about people (not children), and im glad they arnt doing it
    for election point scoring (obviously these reforms wouldn’t help) would they ??
    Its also great its not going to help the financial deficit, or the poor so people have to work harder,
    longer hours, for less money, and see their children even less, so its refreshing to see they will
    even fight their own policies like family values.
    Id say it helps me sleep at night but im not allowed a bedroom of my own, unless i share with my boy or girl,so ill just work harder, with no holiday, but feel safe in the governments hands, whilst im sleeping on my front room floor.
    I also believe the government psychoanalyst should get a pay rise , he must be very very busy.

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