Protest Against Atos Origin – Norwich, June 30th 2011

30 June · 12:00 – 16:00

Atos Origin Assessment Center, St Marys House, Duke Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1QA

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On Thursday 30 June, members of several trade unions across the UK will be taking part in co-ordinated strike action against cuts to pensions, pay and jobs. It is expected that over 1 million workers will be on strike on this day.

As part of this action the Black Triangle Campaign, (, will be holding a protest outside the Norwich offices of poverty pimps Atos from mid day alongside protests in Glasgow, ( and other Atos offices around the country.

Everybody is invited to this protest and are asked to wear a black triangle attached their clothing with a black triangle being what the Nazi’s forced people with mental and other disabilities to wear in the extermination camps during the holocaust with thiie generic classification then being “Arbeitsscheu” – Literally “Workshy”.

Lets make sure that the Atos and the Government know what the people on North Norfolk think of them by making this protest a resounding success with a large number of people in attendance, please spread invitations to this event.

Come and meet Atosser! One for the diary … let’s make sure they know we ain’t going anywhere.

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