Jobseeker took own life

A MAN with mental health problems who was worried about benefit cuts killed himself while he was searching for a job on the south coast, an inquest heard.

Paul Willcoxson, 33, was found hanging in Pignals Enclosure, near Hollands Wood campsite, Lyndhurst, by walkers on April 14.

The 33-year-old from Corby, Northants, was in the area searching for a summer job when he killed himself.

A suicide letter and next of kin note were found in which he expressed concerns about Government cuts, Southampton Coroner’s Court heard.

Deputy Southampton coroner Gordon Denson recorded a verdict of suicide.

I wonder how many more people have been in so much despair that they have killed themselves as they can face carrying on ?

Shame on the UK Government and the people who are allowing this to happen 🙁

8 thoughts on “Jobseeker took own life

  1. billfilbert says:

    Did you read the comment from “independance” down the left hand side? Sounds like he’s going the same way and just see the stupid reaction from “maybush lad”

    People really have no idea. My next door flat neighbour was in that state when he mysteriously passed away in his chair Christmas back. I feel sure it was some form of suicide due to jobseekers pressure beyond his ability to cope. Many likely get covered up, families not keen to broadcast and such.

    This is what we are up against.

    I am in a fairly good state at present and hopefully will not be having a second try at turning the lights out anytime soon.

    Good luck all

  2. Partly-Sunny says:

    It’s so true about families covering things up, there is a stigma over suicide that still hasn’t abatted even with the so-called progress of taking the taboo out of mental illness. That poor man and his poor family, how i understand what they are going through. When Rich killed himself, the CBT therapist said that having a child whilst on benefits was shamefull and i’m 100% certain that that made a difference in him taking his life. So our son and myself our left without the lynchpin of our family grieving. There will be even more deaths due to what labour started and the ConDems finish.

  3. uvls says:

    these CON-LIB’s are utter scum……there is no need to “rush” these cuts they have put forward……..its ethnic cleansing of the poor………
    so folks, go kill yerselves,all 2.5+ million of you……..
    .”you know its the right thing to do” says dave!!
    im disabled,i get DLA,SDA and a direct payment to help me wash and dress+help with preparing food, i manage ……sort-of….
    when i get my WCA,i will be put on WRA on ESA,if im lucky,proberly will be JSA.
    if i appeal,there will be NO benefits,housing benefit etc……so i cant afford to appeal,
    when i loose the DLA,its bye-bye 500cc car, nearest bus stop is nearly 2 miles away.
    when the housing benefits are reduced,i wont be able to pay 25% towards the rent or pay the council tax,i gather the councils are going to be told to make the undeserving unemployed pay council tax,not have it creddited as now..and it will be the end of direct payments as that money comes from the council has to be cut…….only high priority needs will get the direct payments,not low and medium needs…….so no help to wash or dress…..i will end up stinking,homeless,hungry,cold,alone and terrified…….. that is exactly what is going to happen to hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people.

  4. p.j says:

    CONDEMS are evil.
    Very devious the way they have thought about getting rid of the sick, push them over the edge to commit suicide. CONDEMS hold their hands up “we didnt do it” it was their choice!!!! They will stop at nothing.
    Why is the world just standing by allowing these atrocities to happen?

  5. james says:

    I have emailed many people at Mencap and other Disability Charities regarding my extreme concern at these Heinous welfare reforms if many others do also; and don’t hold anything back, they may start to hopefully listen and start applying pressure on this Government.
    I am totally aware that they have been acquiescent to this and the previous Government,However one could hope they have realised they have made a huge error and start to finally protect the disabled

  6. Martyn says:

    I am in the same position as this poor man and I too am finding it impossible to get a job. My mental health is suffering badly and with the cuts attacking the vulnerable in the way of benefits AND support services like group therapies alike we are suffering a sick double whammy of knock backs and I for one don’t know how much longer I can take it

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