• .”Britain may be facing the largest wave of industrial action for many decades – even “the biggest since the General Strike”, according to one union leader. This is a scenario which depresses most of us” WHO IS “US”, Rawnsley? Just WHO is “US”? We’ll strike. And we’ll win!.

  • .”SoundAndImage
    19 June 2011 4:04AM
    Sorry Mr Rawnsley but the only class war being waged here is that of the Coalition is that on everyone else in society, unionised or not.

    Why shouldn’t the unions hold the government to account? Ok so Alexander has been shouted down for his pre-emptive remarks, but one shouldn’t trust the likes of him or Maude as far as one can throw them.

    The public – and this includes both those in the public and private sector – shouldn’t have to pay the price of the failure of the banking sector. No good crying austerity when we can fund three foreign wars, foreign bailouts, the Monarchy, the gold-plated pensions of politicians and people like Fred the shred, Trident, so-called ‘foreign aid’ and letting people like ‘Sir’ Phillip Green avoid their fair share of taxation.

    A stand has to be made against those who would impoverish us all for the sins of others.

    Don’t we live in something called a ‘democracy’?

    I should coco.”.

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