This group is established to galvanise opposition to the current vicious attack on the rights of the disabled by the Government using “Work Capability Assessments” to re-classify genuinely sick and disabled individuals as “fit for work” This site is dedicated to the memory of Paul Reekie (Born January 23, 1962; Died June 2010) : Let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him; May He Rest in Peace.





The Nazis forced people with mental and other disabilities to wear black triangles in the extermination camps during the Holocaust. The generic classification they used was “Arbeitsscheu” – literally “Workshy”.

This group of people could also include the homeless, alcoholics, prostitutes, draft dodgers, pacifists and travellers (Roma).

It is salutary to use the black triangle as the symbol of the UK Disabled People’s Protest Movement because British society is at present seeing an increasing number of violent and deadly attacks on people of disability in the community, and the tormenting of disabled people leading to tragic suicides and an official policy on the part of the State to infer that disabled people are just “workshy” and must be reclassified as “fit for work.”

It has become socially acceptable to ridicule, demonise and denigrate the disabled, both in public and in the mass media.

This hatred and ridicule derives from the same source as all the other evil in the world that leads to murder and genocide.

It is a pernicious and insidious evil and must be vigorously exposed to the light of reason and understanding and identified for what it truly is. It starts off with bad behaviour towards the “OTHER”, usually a minority of some sort, that goes almost unnoticed and seems relatively innocuous, perhaps a bit of a ‘joke’, and then gradually gathers force and momentum until its effects are absolutely devastating to individuals, families and to society as a whole.

It is a source of deep and lasting shame to those who witness it and stand idly by and do nothing. It is an everlasting stain on the good reputation of a nation. It is the scourge of man’s inherent capacity to show unlimited degrees of inhumanity to his fellow human being.

It is a powerful evil that must be fought vigorously in every time and generation, and in every place where it rears its ugly head. It is always awake and always around seeking new victims as circumstances of the time and social conditions permit.

It thrives in times of crisis, insecurity, social upheaval and anomie. The social and economic conditions we may be facing right now and over the next few years are ripe for it to thrive.

These attacks are increasing daily.

It is now time to ACT! They have effectively been unofficially sanctioned by public statements made by Government ministers who set the tone of debate and who should know better.

They pander to the baying mob, these types who should be well-educated enough to be above discrimination, victimisation and scapegoating of a vulnerable minority.

They deliberately manipulate public opinion by distorting reality to suit their own narrow political and economic agendas.

Men and women who should be ‘civilised’.

How could such a thing happen, they asked? But “we are a civilised nation” they said to themselves – another people in a now bygone era in a different country and society where they made people wear triangles and stars on their coats. They were treated as “OTHERS” and ‘different’ too.

“It can’t happen here!” you say, but it IS happening!

It is the aim of this group to monitor these resurgent and deeply troubling developments and campaign against unacceptable attacks on the dignity of the sick or disabled human being, whenever and wherever they arise. In particular, this group is determined to defend the dignity and rights of the sick and disabled during the onslaught which is to come through the “Welfare Reform” programme that has been announced by Government with the express aim of getting people off Incapacity Benefit and/or Disability Living Allowance.

The current system was rolled out under New Labour and a company called ATOS Healthcare has been subcontracted by Government to carry out “Work Capability Assessments”.

The media has been full of stories about people with the most grave illnesses including terminal cancer being deemed fit for work. That is the norm of its operational policy. NOT the exception to the rule.

There cannot now be a single member of parliament who has not seen a constituent in a similar predicament. This is an injustice which cries out to Heaven being perpetrated right before our very eyes daily. TO REMAIN SILENT IS TO BE COMPLICIT.

There can be no compromise with evil.

We call on all people, without exception, to oppose this gravely evil system in our midst and to become active in this movement in defence of the poor and disabled at this time.

This is the acid test of the morality and decency of this society: that it stands up and defends these brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and friends and fellow citizens from the onslaught which is ongoing and which Mr. Osborne seems intent on intensifying rather than ending according to his most recent public statements.

May WE NOT be put to shame!

As Rabbi Hillel the Elder said: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, who am I? AND IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

http://www.petitiononline.com/12buckle/petition.html http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/sack-atos-healthcare.html

William Shakespeare wrote: “But in these cases We still have judgment here; that we but teach Bloody instructions, which, being taught, return To plague the inventor: this even-handed justice Commends the ingredients of our poison’d chalice To our own lips.” Macbeth, Act 1 Scene VII

Love, compassion and care for the sick and for each other is not a commercial, for profit enterprise. It is carrying out one’s duty in keeping the solemn commandment “….and You Shall Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself” whether one is religious or secular. That is the mark that must be met when establishing social justice in this world. It is the gold standard by which everything else can and must be measured in judgment.

Black Triangle’s Mission: “To Defend, Protect and Fight for Humanity with Disability.

Motto: “Disabled People Fighting for Our Future : Custodians of Our Past”

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