HomeBlog“Only an independent Scotland can keep the fatcats in check” says Elaine C Smith
  • Annos February 24, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Before I start I will tell you all I am a Scot.

    Elaine C Smith is NOT telling the truth!!!, I would tell her to her face if I ever met her. I know the SNP, they have over the years gone from a left of centre party to a right wing party, which is what they are today!. They are a party of BIG business, their leader is good friends with Murdoch, just to mention but one of the company of disreputables that SNP MSPs keep. The SNP now want to stay in NATO, that is just one in a whole list of the SNPs new found twists and turns to the right in their never ending march to the right in political ideology. Some high up members in the SNP have now left the party over all this. The truth…The only differences (political and otherwise) between the SNP and New Labour are purely cosmetic, all due to the independence issue and nothing else. If Scotland ever gets its independence the people of Scotland will be NO better off, they will remain as they are now, abused, neglected and exploited. If people can’t see “the writing on the wall” now, they never will.

  • George Woodward February 24, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    I hope Scotland gets its independence if that is what the majority vote for,however if it doesn’t work out what then?
    It shouldn’t be able to come back into being like it is now part of GB.,if once it leaves coming back shouldn’t be seen as an insurance if times get tough.
    How many live in Scotland,5 million,6million,does Elaine Smith think 5 or 6 million can support Scotland,of that 5 or 6 million,say 2 million are unemployed and retired,so it is down to 4 million to provide pensions and benefits.
    Will Mr. independent Scotland,Sean Connery move back to Scotland to take advantage of the new independence,he’s banged on about it for so long.
    Will Scotland join the Euro and “enjoy”being part of Europe.

  • David Moynagh February 24, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    An independent Scotland WILL NOT use private foreign companies to torment the sick and disabled into committing suicide. An independent Scotland WILL NOT form a parliament whose sinister motives against sick and disabled are reminiscent of nazi germany. An independent Scotland WILL NOT use a forced labour scheme to jackboot unemployed people into making huge profits for multinational corporations at the taxpayers expense. An independent Scotland WILL NOT have to pay billions towards the isolated prosperity of London and south east England. An independent Scotland WILL be a fairer , more compassionate and prosperous country. A n independent Scotland WILL no longer be the subservient underdog controlled by a tory engineered westminster government of professional parasites who take from the poor to feed the rich. An independent Scotland is a right and a duty.

  • Serenity February 25, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    But that is exactly what the Scottish parliament are doing David, I don’t see a mass rebellion at Holyrood of MP’s resigning in protest, too busy implementing the new rules!
    I’m with Annos on this, show us action not words, they haven’t convinced me, this union is far too important to break up on the basis of airy fairy promises of living happily ever after .

  • Billy Connor June 1, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    Well Serenity where do we start…..When the welfare cuts are brought in by Westminster they are actually a cut in money that Scotland receives…..incase you haven’t noticed…there was also a cut to the money that people receives in council tax…The Scottish parliament took the hit on that and wouldn’t implement the cut….We most definitely not live happily ever after if we remain shackled to Westminster, as they are now planning cuts to pensions..here is a airy fairy promise the gulf between rich and poor will get worse unless you vote YES to independence.

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