News: After a long hiatus Black Triangle Campaign’s website is once again live and resurgent, ready to fight back in the U.K. disability rights struggles that now confront our people

Thursday 10th November 2022

Dearest Friends, Members, Supporters of Black Triangle Campaign and all people of good will throughout the four corners of the U.K. and overseas

The global pandemic over the last two years has been a nightmare and a tragedy on a scale that seems to have already been forgotten.

According to the U.K. Government’s own figures, on Friday 21st October 2022 deaths from Covid-19 on the death certificate totalled 207,203 individuals, many of them entirely avoidably owing to the Tory government’s catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic.

Millions of our fellow citizens still mourn the loss of their much loved relatives, friends, fellow students, work colleagues and acquaintances.

These figures do not include the ‘excess deaths’ that have occurred owing to diagnoses missed and urgent treatments for serious illnesses postponed. Nor do they include the catastrophic impact on mental health endured by hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens.

We at Black Triangle, all volunteers with various physical and/or mental impairments have suffered the impact of the pandemic in equal measure. This goes a long way to explaining why it was necessary to suspend postings to our website during this hiatus. Like most people, we were concentrating on our own physical and mental survival with great fear and angst.

So here we are. We have survived, for now. It’s great to be alive but now our struggles for full human rights and inclusion in society must resume as before.

How it all feels like deja vu! First the ‘Credit Crunch’ of 2008 followed by a decade and a half of brutal cuts and austerity in which our campaign was born back in June 2010 – now yet another financial crisis on the back of the pandemic bailout and an horrific energy crisis brought on by what was, post-1989 and the fall of the Soviet Empire unthinkable: Russia at war on the fields of Europe again.

The Tories’ solution?

Austerity 2.0

Make no mistake, the Tories intend to indulge their ideological obsession for tax cuts for the 1% and corporations and swingeing cuts to public services and social security whose existence distinguishes civilised and fair nations from brutish, barbaric ones.

In the face of all this we must unite and speak out until our voices are heard and policy is changed in the interest of us all as human beings and not those of the god of the golden calf and greedy shareholders who know nothing – and care less – about what real suffering and humiliation looks like – so long as it doesn’t happen to them and theirs and there are dead bodies that they’re not forced to look at.

From today onwards, we will resume service on this website and endeavour to provide you with the influential content and reports on our campaigning activities to which you were previously accustomed.

As an aside, many of you will have noticed that we have kept up posting content to our Facebook page throughout.

There was a time, before so-called ‘algorithms’ were introduced, when our facebook posts would reach up to 330,000 individual’s facebook accounts ‘organically’ (without paying facebook for ‘reach’). Now we are lucky if we reach 6,000 individuals a month. This being the case, it seems to us that facebook has become defunct as a tool for campaigning and influencing public opinion, politicians and the media as well as other third sector organisations. We have quite literally been smothered and silenced. Our website on the other hand has 45,000 subscribers so it is imperative that we focus our attention on this medium as a means to advance our cause.

Finally, we would welcome applications/submissions for publication on this website subject to editorial discussion.

That’s all for today,

It’s great to be back!





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