Home#Human CatastropheTo live and die with a terminal illness in today’s Tory Britain – By A.S.
  • jeff3 April 6, 2018 at 6:56 am

    its about right above letter but bugger don’t give in has they want us to we must fight this and help those we find who lose the will the more who fight back hursts their senses has its less monies they can turn back to themselves but for all those with a life sentence whot can I say but remember there is life after death iv seen it but don’t go early fight back make the beggars choke on their coffee you see even with a sentence hanging over me I’m starting to live my life day to day enjoying it until that day of departure yet help those who can’t fight back then at least you can say after they win through thats another one they get rid of it makes your day brighter jeff3

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