REVEALED: Benn and Eagle secretly briefed Laura Kuenssberg while plotting against Corbyn for the last nine months

Angela Eagle’s crocodile tears – all part of pre-arranged plan

Corbyn at WCA Westminster Protest

Dirty deeds – done dirt cheap.

Wednesday 29th June 2016


It now emerges that Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle have been secretly briefing against Jeremy Corbyn for the last 9 months.

They have constantly fed information to Laura Kuenssberg and the Murdoch press about pending coups and dissatisfaction in the Parliamentary Party. Apparently, they were planning to move against him on several occasions and ‘chickened out’.

The debate on the RAF bombing intervention on Syria on the 2.12.15 was to be the preliminary opportunity for Benn to strike by speaking out against the Labour line (which he did to much Tory applause). This was to be followed up by a no confidence motion after the loss of the Oldham by-election which was confidently predicted by the Murdoch press. The plot fell apart when the Oldham by-election was won by Labour, with UKIP in second place and the Tories beaten into third.

Their next attempt was when Shadow Foreign Minister, Stephen Doughty, resigned on air during the BBC’s Daily Politics programme on 7.1.16, just before Prime Ministers Questions. Kuenssberg had been briefed by the plotters beforehand and she had fed this information to David Cameron who announced it during PM’s Questions to the surprise of the Labour benches. This plot to usurp Jeremy also fell apart.

All of Laura Kuenssberg’s reports which began with ‘a senior Labour spokesman told me’ etc. came from the offices of Benn and Eagle.

Kuenssberg was also informed about the present debacle.

The conspirators had received news that Corbyn would suggest the impeachment of Tony Blair if the soon to be published Chilcott report on the Iraq war showed any basis of ‘war crimes’.

The conspirators decided they had to pre-empt this attack on Blair.

It was agreed that Benn would initiate the attack on Corbyn. He awoke Corbyn in the early hours of Sunday morning 26.6.16 with a phone call to inform him of his intention to attack him publicly with a statement of his lack of confidence in his leadership. Corbyn had no option but to remove him from post.

The plan was then to organise a series of resignations with one being announced roughly every 2 hours to give the impression of a growing revolt. This was designed to keep it in the public eye and they would hopefully then encourage others not involved in the plot to join the bandwagon if they thought the ship was sinking.

Initially there were 10 Shadow cabinet members recruited, and Eagle’s was to be the last one to declare in order to separate any association between Benn and herself.

She would make a tearful, on-line resignation speech underlining Jeremy’s honesty and goodness but saying he had no leadership skills.


Hello Angela

At the CLP AGM on Friday 24th June 2016, delegates asked me to write to you to ask you to reject the motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.

The meeting was overwhelmingly behind Jeremy continuing as Labour leader. Your appearance on TV during the post referendum programme was mentioned.

Your response in putting the question of his leadership aside to deal with the issues was welcomed.

The idea that the Labour Party would rather miss the chance to capitalise on the splits in the party by in fighting was not acceptable to members.

On behalf of the constituency I would ask you to make a clear public statement of support for him.


Kathy Miller & Kathy Runswick
Secretary & Chair Wallasey CLP

Please support Jeremy Corbyn by signing and conscientiously promoting this petition: ‘A Vote of Confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

6 thoughts on “REVEALED: Benn and Eagle secretly briefed Laura Kuenssberg while plotting against Corbyn for the last nine months

  1. JJLyon says:

    I’m currently writing an article on this story and I stumbled across this page. An excellent article!

    Do you have any sources/evidence as to Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle secretly briefing against Corbyn to Laura Kuenssburg and the Murdoch press?

    I could to with some good sources to bolster my article/investigation and help spread the word!

    1. peter still says:

      ask laura or the 172 rodents , just say your a hatter of jeremys policys and you dont need to say anymore and they will tell you without questions , and at the end say was HUNT i was asking about or any of the other jeremys there is a few and let us know how you get on

  2. Phil07 says:

    If this is true congratulations to them both. After the undemocratic insurgency of the membership “coup” which installed Corbyn as an anti-labour labour leader, they have acted in the party’s best interests

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