WATCH Disabled People and Scottish Independence: Black Triangle Question to DFM Nicola Sturgeon, Margo McDonald, Chas Booth and Aamer Anwar

Yes Leith Event

In the first clip, on the very first question, Black Triangle Campaign’s John McArdle asks the Yes Scotland team if they would put an end to the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government sponsored DWP-Atos pogrom on disabled people with immediate effect – in the event of a Yes vote in next year’s referendum taking place on Thursday 18th September, 2014.



Videos courtesy of Tim Fraser-Granados 



14 thoughts on “WATCH Disabled People and Scottish Independence: Black Triangle Question to DFM Nicola Sturgeon, Margo McDonald, Chas Booth and Aamer Anwar


    Unfortunately, promises are pie crusts and are always broken.

    I remember Danny Alexander appearing on you-tube footage prior to the lib dems going into coalition with the tories.

    My god!, what he was going to say and do about the onslaught of the terrible ATOS killing machine unleashed on his vulnerable electorate, how he sympathised with it’s victims…..

    Looking back i bet he finds the footage really embarrassing. I bet he wishes he could erase those tapes forever.

    They are all the same, take Clegg and his tuition fees….

    ……….and Cable………and Miliband…….and our Unions…….

    For christ’s sake wake up, you are in the real world now where the bastions of power are the financial institutions that have every member of our government in their pockets……..

    They politicians are the puppets of the rich, they don’t implement change, the seedy lobbying that is an everyday occurrence does.

    Not one issue that passes through parliament is the sole intention of the thoughts of a minister, it is the well thought out, contrived policy of someone somewhere, who has financial gain at the top of the agenda………………

    Parliament is a puppet show, elaborate in its portrayal of long fought battles and votes. The imagery is mostly a con, a con at your expense. What you are witnessing now is part of a much wider plot, where all the pieces are falling in place like a jigsaw from hell……………..

    Anything stated at campaign level should be dismissed immediately, power corrupts………………….

    The idiots in California put big Arnie in power, everybody has a dream.
    Did they honestly think the terminator would bring salvation to the masses?
    Dream on, or come back to the land of the living, you are being taken for a ride that determines the very basis of the quality of your lives.

    The only thing is, the quality of your lives comes not even second, to the struggle of the might of the great corporations.


  2. Fiona Greig says:

    Well, Geoff, parliament HAS always been a show. Deals struck in backrooms and rubberstamped by our elected….hold on, this Condemnation was NEVER elected. They dictate thru apathy, even when that apathy is dressed up in the garb of anarchy.

    So, let’s listen to, and read the speeches of, those who want to be our nation’s leaders. Then, USE YOUR VOTE. Countless ordinary folk fought and died so you could have that right…

    1. geoff reynolds says:

      I’m afraid that any party, whatever their colour, have promised the earth and then been elected and gone on to do just the opposite.

      Therefore i re-iterate what i said, “PIE CRUSTS”

      I know that it’s nice to hear what you want them to say, it’s a pity that legislation can’t be used to force them to do exactly what they promised……………

      1. Fiona Greig says:

        Exercise your right to vote otherwise YOU can shoulder some of the responsibility of allowing tory scum back in. And that is simle fact, not delusion.

  3. jeffrey davies says:

    I have always said Scotland better off in the union but their politicians are youto believe them I wonder its the same old story they allowed atosto sponser but then said how bad they were but still allowed themthrough to sponser I wonder being a Welshman will they have justice nah that’s for those who have the power telling and doing are two different things power corrupts and makes them greedie jeff3

  4. David Moynagh BSc(hons) Msc. says:

    Dont believe any word that comes from the current crop of parasitic politicians. We need them replaced by ordinary people who have struggled in life like the rest of us.

  5. JJ says:

    Sam Stelling: ‘I think we live on the wrong side of the border. To hear speakers talk about a humane welfare system for people really did bring tears to my eyes. After so much vitriol from the press & this disgusting government it was a joy to here people speak in positive terms. No rash promises but a sense that the issues are to be looked at in the correct manner. As was mentioned, not a U.S style system that leaves you destitute if you don’t have the right insurance cards.’

  6. geoff reynolds says:

    “Ask any unelected body who are standing for election, any question, and they will reply with exactly what you want to hear”

  7. Annos says:

    “State support for the sick, disabled, unemployed, the poor and pensioners is to be replaced by “a participatory society”, with workers and their families expected to carry the entire burden for the rest of society, while the wealthy are freed from taxes and any social responsibility.”

    The above is the definition of Cameron’s “big society”.

    Remember what Thatcher said…”There is no such thing as “society”, the above is proving her to be correct, the strong survive, the weak perish, by no definition can Cameron’s “big society be called “society”!!!.

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