Welfare reforms not fit to work ~ Leading doctors protest at ‘cruel’ disability tests

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THE misery that the UK welfare reforms have caused disabled people has been highlighted often by this paper.


But that makes the cases cited by doctors today in the Sunday Herald no less shocking. They are proof this system has failed.

There is the patient with schizophrenia who believed he was the Messiah, yet was declared fit to work. There is the man who suffered a stroke and had lung cancer but was too scared to go to hospital in case he missed a benefits appointment, fearing he would be at risk of losing his money.

There are examples of patients with mental health problems left so distraught at being told they are fit to work they have become suicidal.

This is not a system, this is a cruel disgrace. These examples hardly fit with the picture painted by the Westminster government of the “workshy” living it up at the taxpayer’s expense.

While Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith preaches of tackling welfare dependency, it is doctors who are witnessing the impact of his “reforms”.

This is placing a burden on the NHS – a situation which is expected to get worse as more welfare changes are introduced.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Health Secretary Alex Neil have warned there is an “intolerable strain” on care services and urged Duncan Smith to ensure there is a “fair, equitable” process that gets decisions right first time. This must be introduced to ensure benefit claimants and the NHS do not continue to be the victims of a flawed system.

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22 thoughts on “Welfare reforms not fit to work ~ Leading doctors protest at ‘cruel’ disability tests

  1. gillian higgins says:

    it is a disgrace to pick on the poor,disabled and people who genuially not well people are worried about the welfare system and reform’s ,ther isn’t any job’s for every body and ther is people who want to work wer not all scrounger’s ,ian Duncan smith as got it all wrong the rich get richer the poor get poorer ,u’s got us in this mess and wer all suffering because of this ,leave the disabled ,the poor and the sick people alone

  2. Prola Tariat says:

    This entire article is old hat,this situation has been ongoing since this system started.IDS has taken absolutely no notice in the past,so there is very little chance he is going to do so now. The thing is IDS actually believes he is right,and can see no fault in his ideology…

    1. JJ says:

      What is not “old hat” is that doctors are now joining us using our ESA Regulations 25 & 31 Campaign to protect patients!

  3. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The fact that a demonstrable majority of LABOUR supporters in the south of England think that the “Bedroom Tax” is a good idea is illustrative of the division widening in UK politics. As long as that is the case there will be no change in the behaviour of the coalition

  4. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Sadly I read that about a week ago but cannot remember where.
    Sorry. It may come to me.
    About 60% was quoted in a newspaper article.

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    Scum who have Believed Regime Propaganda Victimising
    the Poor and Vulnerable are Accomplices to Oppression

    We Need Decent Treatment of Disabled People

    It will Help For People like the I am All Right Jacks Not
    to be Selfish Boneheaded Scum

  6. nigel simmons says:

    The man in charge of our National Health Service has been found totally lacking in his ability to manage it with any semblance of credibility .Over a THOUSAND DEATHS caused by his lack of COMPASSION & PATIENT COMMITTMNENT in One Hospital – Stafford .Thatcher brought him in to close all the mental hospitals and implement Ken Clarkes ‘Care in the Community’ in 1990 which caused suicides galore and since then he has run the NHS on Profitability Grounds rather than any Patient Care and Respect .We the British Public owe it to the Victims of all Patients that have suffered under his Callous Regime .Ask yourself before you sign the Petition “Why hasn’t he been sacked” because he knows too much and he would take too many others with him .Please Make A Stand Against Our Ever Eroding Rights As Members of the British Public http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49715

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