Watch: the Bedroom Tax Protest anthem is here “Ya cannae have a spare room in a poky cooncil flat”




Adam McNaughton
Adam McNaughton


A song about the Bedroom Tax, written for the demos all over the UK on Saturday 30th March, 2013, set to the tune of 1960′s folk song “The Jeely Piece Song”, by Scottish singer-songwriter Adam McNaughton.


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I’m a welfare state wean, we live on the bottom flair

But we’re no allowed to even live there any mair.

They say we’ve got too many rooms, in our social rented flat 

We’ve an eight by ten foot boxroom where you cannae swing a cat


Oh ye canna have a spare room in a pokey cooncil flat

Ian Duncan Smith and Co have put an end tae that

They say “live in a smaller house”, they say that is their plan 

When the odds against you finding one are ninety-nine to one


Noo ma auntie’s in a wheelchair, but these Tories dinna care 

They say they have a deficit, she got to pay her share

£60 a month they’ll take, then leave her tae her fate

Whilst gieing millionaires a tax cut, cause they say they’re due a break


Noo that Buckingham Palace looks a pretty roomy gaff

And the ludger there gets benefits at rates that make me laugh

A civil list, plus tax perks, near a £100 million pounds

While her other dozen palaces lye empty a’ year round


Noo those MPs doon in Westminster must think that we’re ‘a dense 

Wi their second home apartments, where the public pays their rent

They’re even get a food allowance, two hundred quid a week

But they’re claiming we’re the scroungers, is their arse up in their cheeks?


So we’ve formed a Federation and we’re gonna have our say

The Bedroom Tax it has to go, and we ain’t gonna pay

We’re gonna march on London tae demand our civil rights

Like nae mair Tories and their Liberal shite


Watch: The Jeely Piece Song
Album: Children’s Songs 
Lyrics: Adam McNaughton


I’m a sky scraper wean, I live on the ninteenth floor
But I’m no goin’ oot tae play any more.
‘Cause since we moved to oor new house I’m wastin’ away
For I’m getting one meal less every day.


Oh ye canna fling pieces oot a twenty story flat
Seven hundred hungry weans will testify to that
If it’s butter, cheese or jeely, if the bread is plain or pan
The odds against it reaching us is ninety-nine to one

On the first day my Maw flung oot a daud o’ hovis broon
It came skitin’ oot the windae and went up instead o’ doon
Noo ev’ry twenty seven hours it comes back into sight
Cause my piece went intae orbit and became a satellite

On the next day my Maw flung me oot a piece again
It went up and hit a pilot in a fast, low flying plane
He scrapped it off his goggles, shouting through the intercom
The Clydeside Reds have got me wi’ a breid ‘n jelly bomb

On the third day my Maw tho’t she would try another throw
The Salvation Army band was standin’ doon below
‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ was the tune they should’ve played
But the Oompah man was playing piece ‘n marmalade

We’ve wrote awa’ to Oxfam to try an’ get some aid
We all joined together and have formed the Piece Brigade
We’re gonna march to London tae demand our civil rights
Like nae more hooses over piece flinging height



breid: bread
doon: down
hoose: house
jeely piece: bread and jelly sandwich
oor: our
oot: out
piece: sandwich
wean: child 

22 thoughts on “Watch: the Bedroom Tax Protest anthem is here “Ya cannae have a spare room in a poky cooncil flat”

  1. lindiloo says:

    This made me smile and then it made me cry. I hope the ministers (con/dems AND labour ) enjoy every mouthful of their £200 meal and alcohol subsidised allowance. I hope they sleep peacefully in any one of their tax payer subsidised bedrooms but I also hope that their consciences eat THEM up from the inside and that they have their spin doctors ready with a script when they meet their Maker! Happy Easter and even happier ALL FOOLS day! Sleep well SCUM I hope you stay well and healthy so that you can enjoy your stolen wealth. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

  2. jed goodright says:

    I see the Telegraph is really upping the anti today regarding the ‘bedroom tax’ and ll the right wing nutters are falling in line – they’ve even got Grunt Shapps out arguing his kids share a room and there’s nothing wrong with it!!! What scum they are and where is labour …. erm ….missing in battle again

  3. jay says:

    To give another perspective on the damage the bedroom tax will cause.
    My daughter and my two grand-daughters and grandson are staying in our “spare bedroom” this week.

    They live over 150 miles away from us and come home during the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays.

    Because of my illness this is usually the only time my wife and I get to see them.
    If we didn’t have this “spare bedroom” they would be unable to stay and we would only see them for a few hours before they travelled home again because we wouldn’t have any accomodation available.

    The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, the caring parties committed to keeping families apart.

  4. jed goodright says:

    the press really upping the anti today comments and editorials everywhere. right wing *unts expressing their pleasure – it really is WAR and the poor and disabled being ridiculed on every front – with labour nowhere to be seen and precious little by way of support or defence


  5. jay says:

    and these right wing scum laugh and ridicule analogies made comparing today in the UK with thirties Germany.

  6. Dissabled dave says:

    This song is offered by the writer under creative commons, so feel free to copy it and sing it whenever any politician is within earshot…….

    The Battle Hymn Of The Disabled. (To the tune “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” otherwise known as “John Brown’s Body”)

    The sick and the disabled lie a-mouldering in their homes.
    The bankers live in luxury just like the Zurich gnomes,
    With private helicopters, jets, and even aerodromes,
    And yet they still want more.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    They will never help the poor.

    The bankers did the nasty, but the sick take all the blame,
    The Tories are just Nazis now in everything but name,
    We cannot vote for Labour, because they are just the same.
    The Lib-Dems are as bad.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    When they go we’ll be glad.

    You’ve got no arms, you’ve got legs, you’ve got no eyeballs either,
    But you can hear, and you can speak, so they call you a skiver;
    And if you say you cannot work they say you are a liar,
    And they’ll stop your benefits.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    They are just a load of shits.

    They’d like to shout “Heil Hitler”, but they dare not say his name,
    The trouble is we’ve spotted now what really is their game.
    It’s death to the disabled and the killing of the lame,
    Like Auschwitz in the past.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Their nastiness is vast.

    You’d think with all their lying that their noses would be long,
    But we’ll make sure the truth will out, by singing of our song,
    To get publicity for truth, so we can right their wrong,
    And justice will be done.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    We’ll go and stop their fun.

    Chris “Heil”ing is a Nazi, he believes that “Work Makes Free.”
    He wants to have forced labour, and Atos to have a fee.
    He wants to cut our benefits, make slaves of you and me,
    So businessmen will gain.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    They really are insane.

    Maria “Killer” Miller; stuff the truth, she’ll tell a lie.
    If you’re a paraplegic then you’re “Just as fit as I.”
    Despite what they are after, don’t just curl up and die,
    Have strength, be brave, fight back.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    We’ll get them all the sack.

    The worst one of those Nazis is that Ian Dunked-in-Shit.
    You might be quadriplegic, but he would declare you fit.
    He’s got no empathy because he is a nasty git,
    His comeuppance will come.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Life’s not all right for some.

    To those who don’t support us, who believe the Tory lies,
    I say look at the truth that stands before your very eyes.
    For once we’ve gone, then you’ll be next, it is time to get wise.
    We have to fight as one.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    We’ll fight you ‘till we’ve won.

    For all of the disabled, then, the future’s very bleak.
    There’s seventy-three people who are dying every week,
    Who’ve been told that they’re fit to work, and so some work should seek,
    But they’re dead for goodness sake.

    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    Tory, Tory, Nazi bastards,
    How many deaths does it take?


  7. michael skinner says:

    to all the song writers that is brilliant. The lyrics are so truthful I reacted with laughter very quickly replaced by anger and hatred for the political bastards we have found ourselves with. God has risen I think we the public will have to do the same and get rid of these Nazis again.

  8. brianfkirkham says:

    Here’s an idea, how’s about we all sign a motion, to be read in parliament that the monies should fairly reflect the constituents these people claim to be serving. How we would word it I have no real idea – that’s for someone else..but the idea these people are supposed to be serving us and coining it in whilst we are led into forced labour is quite frankly sickening. The palace of Westminster, and its inhabitants should realise it’s own reasoning …. all in this together ? prove it Mr speaker, prime minister ,deputy prime minister and leader of the opposition.

  9. jed goodright says:

    found this on the independent editorial site:

    VERITAS 12 hours ago
    While Western governments continue to borrow more than they earn in order to prop a welfare state that does nothing more than keep a quarter of their population alive we on our way to hell in a hand cart. This 25% never have, and never will, contribute anything to society other than act as a millstone round our necks as we sink, drowning, in a very deep sea.

    not only is this comment still there, it is a very good analysis of what the poor and disabled in the uk are up against. The writer makes these sort of comments regularly on blogs and highlights his own ignorance and prejudices repeatedly. Somehow the media don’t see this as a problem. Disabled people are on their own in the fight for justice. Today Osbourne is out to justify the wilful and neglectful act of his government. But there is no opposition to rely on for support. May they all rot in hell

  10. Dissabled dave says:

    If you can’t do anything else you can at least sign the petition calling IDS’s bluff:

    I’ve written to my MP saying that as this petition has three times as many signatures as the Government’s own petition site requires for a topic to be raised in Parliament, then he should raise this as a matter of urgency. I doubt he will because he is a Tory, but surely some of you must have MPs who would be delighted to raise this at Prime Minister’s Question time?

    There is no way than an out of touch rich twat like IDS could survive on £53 a week, so let’s get him between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn’t step up to the challenge, that is tantamount to admiting that he is a lying twat who doesn’t know what he is talking about, but if he does step up he will fail, which is also tantamount to admiting that he is a lying twat who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    This petition made the television news when it hit 150,000 signatures and is now heading towards 400,000. That’s over 150,000 signatures each day. Get all of your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, people you see down the Jobcentre, the postman, the milkman, and anyone else you can think of, to sign up as well. Let’s get it to half a million signatures by the end of today, and a million by the end of the week.

    Let’s make sure that this hits the news and the front pages and forces IDS to either take on the challenge or resign from politics.

    People power CAN and MUST make a difference.

  11. alan says:

    landlords should have empty room tax with the profits they steal from the poor , i can look out of my bedroom window and see 7 empty houses, big houses , whats good for the poor is good for the rich, empty room tax landlords

  12. Humanity2012 says:

    Further Symbolisation of the Oblivious State of the Present State of Britain

    Besides Wrecked Public Services and Towns that Resemble Ruins of Civilisation’s
    the Casualisation of Attitude and Outside of the Post Civilisation Townie Briton is Shown by an Amoral Person who Turns a Blind Eye to the Situation of Suffering of a Past 80 Years Old Geriatric who uses Soundbites to Not Address the Issue which is that an 80 Year plus Geriatric Existing in a Rat Infested Dump with a Collapsing Ceiling Need’s Help .

    It is Not being a ” Busybody ” to be Concerned about the Effect upon the Health of a
    Past 80 Old residing in a Rat Infested Dump but it is Oblivious to Not Care about this
    person’s Plight by Not trying to get Proper Help .

    Nihilism and Obliviousness two Hallmark’s of ” Modern Britain ” .

    The Con Dem Dictatorship are Nation Wreckers and so are Oblivious Members of
    the Public

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