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  1. michael skinner says:

    Typical Labour again. Actually a rat has a beating heart and a bag is somewhat useful, neither of which apply to IDS and his treachery. Incidently why has there been no media coverage whatsoever regarding the outcry over these policies nor any mention about the tories rushing through their own revised law so that they would not have to pay the stoten money back to those forced to work for nothing. I wrote an email to The Sun regarding this but have received no reply.

    1. MPH says:

      Ah, yes! But the point I imagine was not to greviously insult him and therefore give him easy recourse to the law… “Ratbag” is good enough, you know.

  2. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The duplicity of Labour here is breathtaking. Most Labour MPs abstained on the vote on this and some gave it support yet they are jumping up and down in Scotland demanding that the SNP Government sort this.
    This is purely a Westminster matter as Social Welfare is reserved to Westminster not the Scottish Parliament. These are UK wide cuts which has nothing to do with the Scottish budget and the SNP government has no money to do anything about this matter except encourage SNP councils to refuse to evict anybody. This could be Poll Tax Two

  3. Peter Lockhart says:

    SNP hypocrisy is breathtaking here, Dundee only took the decision not to evict for 6 months. At least Labour in Fife when they took the decision didn’t have a time limit. The people who could really help is the SNP run Scottish government. They can change the law so eviction won’t happen. Fife and other councils can only protect council tenants. Only the SNP led Scottish government can protect all tenants and they are refusing to do do that. Why?

    1. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      What rubbish.
      Explain to me why Labour in England did not vote against this piece of legislation and why some of them supported it.
      You do understand that this piece of legislation is merely a logical extension from the legislation brought in by Labour but which affected poor people in private rented accommodation instead of public housing
      Where did you get the idea that the SNP can just change the law?
      You cannot change the law without a full legal process being gone through. You may be confusing the easily confused but the clever members and supporters of Labour are walking away from Labour in droves.

  4. Barry says:

    When you think about it the Scots have been fighting for independents for century’s & I hope they vote unanimously for it & seeing’s this British government wants nothing more than to demoralize every poor disabled sick person by creating a deep dividing line between the rich and the poor back to Victorian times – yes I agree things have to change but this Tory Lib mixed parliament is the scum of the earth lining there pockets with the poor mans misery and strife pushing hundreds and thousands of people well below the poverty line wile the rich are left to rob use blind and the immigrants illegal or legal holiday-er’s coming her to use our NHS FREE of charge wile taking our homes. This coalition and the benefit reforms destroying the very foundations of this country its time every British person affected stood up and say anoth is anoth and like the lorry drivers bring this government to its knees, but the marguerite wont they’d rather stay at home and moan than stand up for what is there human rights.


    He shouted, “you evil fucking twisted horrible c???t, you arent fit to shovel shit you heinous scumbag wanker”

    From afar it sounded like “ratbag”………………………..

  6. Thomas says:

    Labour have been Changelinged. Although even a Changeling makes some effort to impersonate it’s target, Labour can’t even do that.

  7. jed goodright says:

    I see Frank Field is mouthing of about the bedroom tax and how iniquitous it is. Wasn’t he always in favour of welfare review and making disabled people and the poor work for their benefits??? Funny that!

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