Dr Gerry McCann responds to the Royal Charter

Dr. Gerry McCann
Dr. Gerry McCann


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A comment from Dr Gerry McCann following the release of the Conservative Royal Charter proposal:
“Anything less that Leveson’s full recommendations will never satisfy the victims of press abuse.
“This Royal Charter plan falls far short of Leveson and it is shocking that ministers are admitting that they made a host of concessions to newspaper editors and proprietors.
“The Conservative Party can’t rewrite Leveson now.
“They must think again.”


Find out more about the Royal Charter and how it falls short of Leveson here.

2 thoughts on “Dr Gerry McCann responds to the Royal Charter

  1. Justin Thyme says:

    the victims of press abuse – what like all the celebrities and non-entities that have scooped thousands of pounds of money – or the unemployed, disabled and poor for whom government default is always abuse????

  2. Aletheia says:

    Yes you are absolutely right Justin, only the chosen ones can make money from the press abuse, the rest of us just have to put up with it..

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