Black Triangle has been a keen supporter of the campaign to free Daniel.

Thank you to all who attended vigils and demonstrations and who wrote to their MPs in support of Daniel. 

Hooray for Daniel!

‘Successful appeal to justice for Daniel Roque Hall’

8 February 2013

Ataxia UK is delighted by the news that Daniel Roque Hall has today won his case at the Court Of Appeal to have his prison sentence reduced from three years to 18 months.

The judgement, handed down by The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Hughes, means that Daniel will be released from prison this afternoon due to the time he has already spent incarcerated.

However, Daniel has been served a Serious Crime Prevention Order and must surrender his passport for a period of three years.

Daniel is currently a patient at University College Hospital in London, where he has been kept under prison guard since he was admitted to intensive care in August last year.

An injunction preventing the hospital from discharging Daniel has now been lifted.

Daniel is now well enough to leave hospital, and will return home to North West London later today, where he will receive the 24-hour care he needs.

Daniel, 30, has advanced Friedreich’s ataxia.

He was sentenced to three years in prison in June, and sent to Wormwood Scrubs in July, following assurances from the prison that they could meet his complex healthcare needs. However, within weeks of commencing his sentence Daniel’s health had deteriorated to the point of requiring emergency admission to hospital and being placed on a ventilator.

Ataxia UK is the national charity that supports everyone affected by ataxia. One of Ataxia UK’s primary concerns is to ensure that all people – including prisoners – who have this condition are able to access the best possible level of care and services, and to that end it has supported the campaign to ensure that Daniel was not returned to Wormwood Scrubs.

Sue Millman, Chief Executive of Ataxia UK said:

“Daniel was given a 3-year custodial term – not a death sentence.  Therefore we are extremely glad that there was a legal case for the reduction in Daniel’s jail term, as this means he is no longer under threat of further compromise to his health and wellbeing”. 

Ataxia U.K.

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  1. JEFFREY says:

    well done this man has suffred what ever he did you still have to forgive its what makes us human .. jeff lph..

  2. Jo Yelland says:

    There’s serious doubt regarding his conviction, as his condition would have made any type of smuggling borderline impossible without help and that’s presuming he was even aware that someone had added stuff to his wheelchair. Very glad he can go home and try to recooperate properly.

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