David Cameron tells Angus Robertson (SNP, Moray) to fuck off during PMQs




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Calm down, dear: Officials deny David Cameron said “will you f*** off” to Angus Robertson MP (SNP, Moray) during PMQs


The PM appeared to mouth the obscenity towards SNP’s Angus Robertson – but his spokeswoman said it was “What are you frightened of?”

Swear row: David Cameron appears to tell an MP to 'f*** off'
Swear row: David Cameron appears to tell an MP to ‘f*** off’


David Cameron found himself at the centre of a foul-mouthed storm after he appeared to tell a member of parliament to ‘f*** off’ during Prime Ministers Questions.

The Prime Minister seemed to mouth the obscenity towards SNP member Angus Robertson when questioned about the planned referendum on Scotland’s independence.

Mr Cameron said: “Let me be clear about what we won’t do. We will not pre-negotiate Scotland’s exit from the United Kingdom.

“Frankly, it is his party who wants to break up the United Kingdom and it is for his party to make the case.”

But, before he returned to his seat, the PM appeared to mouth the words “will you f*** off” as the Speaker called the next MP to the microphone. 


Within minutes, Twitter was flooded with viewers claiming to have seen Mr Cameron’s foul-mouthed outburst.

User Matt Dilworth wrote: “So apparently David Cameron mouthed the words “will you f*** off” in parliment today. It seems he mirrored my feelings toward HIM perfectly!” (sic)

Daniel Barker tweeted: “Um… I think David Cameron silently told some MP to f*** off at #PMQs.”

Mr Robertson himself played the incident down, sending a message on Twitter: “Didn’t hear David Cameron use unparliamentary words in PMQs.

“Shame he didn’t commit to all Electoral Commission recommendations.”

Downing Street insisted that Hansard, the official record of parliamentary proceedings, would make clear that Mr Cameron did not swear.

Asked if she could deny that the PM swore, a Number 10 spokeswoman said: “Absolutely. I think he said ‘What are you frightened of?'” 

Do you think David Cameron swore?


It is not the first time the PM has ruffled feathers during PMQs.

In April 2011, Mr Cameron sparked a sexism row by telling Labour’s Angela Eagle to “calm down, dear”.

The patronising PM blurted out the phrase, made famous by Michael Winner’s car insurance TV adverts, as he was heckled on the NHS.

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Can any lip-readers give us their opinion? BTC

Bryan Robson commented at 9:51 PM on 30/1/2013

‘The major issue here is that more people seem to be upset that DC could have sworn. He’s making millions of people worse off, killing the economy and still insists he’s on the right course; to which many people aren’t bothered. Yet a 4 lettered word and there is uproar, priorities people!’ 

23 thoughts on “David Cameron tells Angus Robertson (SNP, Moray) to fuck off during PMQs

  1. JJ says:

    David Britten
    8:37 PM on 30/1/2013

    I’m not concerned about his language so much as his arrogant behaviour. This man is an obscenity with his mouth open or shut.

  2. Boadacia! says:

    Maybe he has on his mind the fact it will be a long time before any of his lot ever get in again? None of their policies are working no matter how they twist the stat’s. With IDS and Osborne, it’s such a reminder of 1940’s Germany.

  3. Kelpiemare says:

    There are a couple of things on my parliamentary wishlist:
    1. The end of WCA &Atos & anyone even remotely involved with UNUM-no matter which side of the house, or even which house, they sit.
    2. For David Cameron, Nick Clegg, IDS and all of the mealy-mouthed, bigotted, vile and moronic mps who clutter parliament to FUCK the hell OFF. (Please excuse the swearing, but i’ve tried to be constrained.)

  4. carol larkin says:

    yes he definatly said those words, but what would you exspect from someone as vile as him and his following ponces.

  5. Angel says:

    He said what are you afraid of. I can’t stand David Cameron as we are victims of his hate campaign towards sick and disabled people,but he definately didn’t swear.

    1. matt says:

      He did NOT swear Angel…..and I too cannot stand the man,but you are correct,he said ‘what are you afraid of?’…..he needs not swear to be vulgar!
      He has simply no concept of how it is to be in the situation of needing to ask for financial help from the state because you are too unwell to go and earn you’re own keep, actually,he never has had to worry about ever being in that position,from what I have been told I gather his family are wealthy enough to have provided around the clock private health care,and good for them!,it just baffles me as to how the voters of this island we reside on ever thought he and Clegg could be of any help or even difference from labour….. the front bench poloticians of this day have little but their own well being in mind!……these may well be hard days Angel but please steele yourself and get armed with freinds and family because its only going to get worse!
      sorry to be pessimistic but I see no good ahead

  6. Bluesky says:

    Downing Street insisted that Hansard, the official record of parliamentary proceedings, would make clear that Mr Cameron did not swear.

    Asked if she could deny that the PM swore, a Number 10 spokeswoman said: “Absolutely. I think he said ‘What are you frightened of?’”
    “This spokeswoman can’t 100% back-up what th PM mouthed”. If he mouthed ‘What are you frightened of?’” WHY DIDN’T HE SAY IT OUT LOUD.?? I’ve looked at the clip again and again, I can lipread a little and i’m 99% positive that he mouthed “Will you f##k off”is there any good lipreaders out there who can confirm this one way or th other??

    1. Bluesky says:

      PS. Has anyone noticed that the PMs face has got a lot ‘fatter’ since he moved into No 10, or am i seeing things???????

      1. Kelpiemare says:

        They’ve all put on weight…..must b all that subsidised food n drink they enjoy. Or Murdoch puts on helluva dinners….

      2. wildthing666 says:

        That’s what happens when you sit on your A55 all day and don’t have to pay for your own food, you overeat. with any luck his lifestyle will be the death of him

  7. jeffery davies says:

    yes hes put in weight its all that caviar and salmon but swear yes he bloody well did but will he go nah they only want us to go quietly but now hes found the disable fight back jeff3

  8. Serenity says:

    Oh deary me Scameron is in a bad mood, those nasty lib-dems oppose the boundary changes did they? Did dums!
    So what’s Scamerons suggestion for the ballot paper for the Scots referendum?
    Should Scotland eff off!

  9. Boadacia! says:

    All political turkeys are just finger puppets for those you never see, that hold the billions and power to make them dance to any tune they decide.

    The direction the Tories take is one of the more extreme that despise anyone who has not inherited a few million. They think they are also the only ones that will inherit this world.

    How many are helping them along with Sky related products?

    Know your enemy!

  10. Bluesky says:

    Looks like the PM has been taking lessons on how to throw his toys out of his pram from IDC, gets asked a question he don’t like and throws a tantrum…. bet his nanny is dusting off her cane to o give him a very red botty. lol.

  11. David Moynagh says:

    Cameron will perish along with his troupe of nazis in drag, just as Thatcher was heaved out on her neck. Scottish independence has a man at the helm who is helping them find the exit door. Alex Salmond could wipe the floor with the lot of them and they know it. All of Scotland and a great part of England has already told Cameron to fuck off so perhaps he is only verbalising his soon to be fate.

  12. PJO says:

    As much as i hate Cameron & his Tory Cohorts, you can just hear, off mike him saying “what are you frightened of”, listen carefully.

    1. Bluesky says:

      PJO,If you use sensitive headphones you will find that the comment that you heard came from someone else..it was ‘not’ the PMs voice..(pitch was too high)…unless my hearing has taken a nose-dive (i don’t think so)

  13. jay says:

    He’s way too sneaky to be caught out like that but look at that face, it’s the face of someone starting to get rattled. No wonder he fancied a jaunt around Africa.

    Keep up the pressure

  14. luddite tolpuddle says:

    I am not surprised that Cameroon used the F word in the house; like all tories he is an ill mannered foul mouthed hypocrite and a narcissistic personality disorder on legs; he should go back to downton abbey where he belongs where he can no doubt indulge uninterrupted in his favourite pasttime of shooting peasants (note I said peasants, not pheasants).

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