Run-down: The property that Mark and Helen Mullins shared as they lived on £57.50 per week
Run-down: The property that Mark and Helen Mullins R.I.P. shared as they lived on £57.50 a week


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‘Housing is in crisis, yet the coalition does nothing’

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  1. K Peake says:

    A brilliant new development for the wonderful young disabled people of the UK. Encourage any young disabled person you know to join Jack in standing up to the bullies.

    “My name is Jack and I am 8.

    I am starting a Young Disabled People Against Cuts Group, so children can protest together with the help of our guardians.

    We need as many young people as we can get to join in with YDPAC. ( Young Disabled People Against Cuts)

    I wish the Government was not making the cuts. If it was up to me, I would ban them from making cuts!

    Young people are affected by the cuts faced by our guardians. If my mum doesn’t get her car before 2 years is up we won’t get a car because of the cuts. When we’re 16 we may lose our DLA, and other benefits and help we rely on now.

    If you want to get involved with YDPAC let me know via

    You might conclude it’s appropriate to ask Cameron and Osborne to step down so we can get back on track:

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