‘My stepmother, whose son has a diagnosis of schizophrenia, read me the questions on the disability living allowance form:

“I am not motivated to wash: how often? How long each time? I am not aware of common dangers: how often? How long each time?; I might wander: how often? How long each time?”

The traits ascribed to serious mental illness are often wildly off, as if the person devising the form couldn’t be bothered to look up the illness on Wikipedia and didn’t even aim for an internal logic to their own questions.

And all that is pre-Atos, whose assessments on mental illness are so ignorant that in July the Public Law Project won the right to take them to judicial review.’   ……

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  1. DAVID SHAW says:

    Schizophrenics need support, one of my best friends has this condition. Since moving out of supported accomodation, and with my support and that of others , he is really getting on well and building a great life for himself. He is someone who would be written off if this government and its corrupt supporters and corporations had their way. You have to understand people as indivduals to help them on lifes journey. That is a very important lesson.

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