Atos will rake in some £40m from cuts in benefits for disabled Scots, the real victims are the vulnerable people

WITH the truth being revealed that Atos will rake in some £40m from cuts in benefits for disabled Scots, the real victims are the vulnerable people.

THE Con-Dems were ­determined that we would never find out about the staggering profits Atos will make bringing down the axe on disabled Scots’ benefits.

The Westminster Government went to great lengths to keep the details secret and even refused to tell other ­democratically elected politicians the amounts involved.

But we now know the horrifying truth. Atos’s pay-off for carrying out humiliating Department for Work and Pensions tests could eventually top £40million.

That is enough money to pay disability living allowance to almost 11,000 people desperately in need of help and support.

Instead, the French firm will rake in the obscene sum by compounding the misery of the very same vulnerable people.

They will be handed the money to find new ways to slash benefits from the ­terminally ill, wheelchair users or those with serious mental health problems.

David Cameron and George Osborne believe it’s a better use of taxpayers’ cash.

Over the last few weeks, the Record has been exposing the human tragedy behind the Coalition Government’s sustained dismantling of the welfare state.

We have told the heartbreaking stories of Scots brought to the brink by fit-for-work tests carried out by Atos in a cruel attempt to drive down the benefits bill.

The Tories want us to believe only cheats, scroungers and the work-shy have anything to fear from the tests. They assure us that those in real need of help will continue to get support and care.

Our reports have shown that is not the case. People with a need for extra help are bearing the brunt of the cuts.

Once again, the needy are paying the price for an ideological Tory crusade, while big business walks off with massive and unjustifiable profits.

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8 thoughts on “Atos will rake in some £40m from cuts in benefits for disabled Scots, the real victims are the vulnerable people

  1. kelpimare says:

    And this entire shambles is to cut welfare costs. 40million quid. Detoured from the vulnerable and put into a French company’s bank account.
    Great bookkeeping Georgie. French firm halls in 40m and leaves it in their French bank-or swiss account……but, leave the money with the people you are effectively stealing it from and it goes back into local business, keeps other people in work. Taxes get paid. Treasury benefits.
    This has damn all to do with getting the money to those who deserve it, and EVERYTHING to do with “costcutting” or, in other words, cutting your nose to spite your face. The govts own figures showed that, between the total for Incapacity Benefit AND Disability Living Allowance, the total fraud wad LESS THAN 1%. Yet they say they will cut 20% off of DLA. If there is, their own figures, .4% fraud, then that means 19.6% will lose money they desperately need to help them live.
    Between 1996-7 and 2009-10, labour borrowing was £319bn. Since coalition took over and their deficit cutting began, they have borrowed £465bn. And they seem happy enough to see vulnerable people, many who have worked, and contributed tax and national insurance for years, end up destitute and starving. This coalition’s growth industry seems to be foodbanks.

  2. C R Gray says:

    ATOS recently assest Me on an old illness not on my current Disability! So having had that. I had to go for an interview which is done in Public, I broke down . Awful I haven’t left the house since 25 Sept . I’m 56 worked hard all my working Life They don’t accept Bereavement as debilitating My Daughter Die of Cancer recently which has left me Broken and unable to cope at the moment.

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    Common Sense Nationwide would Help to get Rid of this Monstrosity of a Regime

    It is the Politicians and the ” Royal ” Family who are the Scroungers

    Billions Wasted upon War in Afghanistan Nuclear Weapons and the EU Mess
    can then be Spent more Better like Helping the Poor and Vulnerable

    I do Wish People would Stop Drifting Around Brainwashed in a Trance and Wake Up

    Forget the Halloween and Christmas Circuses Decent Government is More Important

  4. roger Allnot says:

    So much bollocks in the Daily Record. The only reason they are running these stories is to pacify the SNP interests, who want to claim that there will be no assessments in an independent Scotland.

    Basically they don’t care about disabled people, they just want to score political points. This is sick!

  5. jeffery davies says:

    on and on it goes how much can they give their mates whilst we starve and go without just because they in power and can like the nazi party slay the sick and disabled by this means of atos dwp attack on the needy jeff3

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