DPAC Paupers Picnic For Independent Living ~ Thursday 13th September ~ Westminster

Black Triangle and DPAC at March for the Alternative London 26th March 2011 “The End of the Beginning” of our war on the ConDemEd Junta!

From Disabled People Against Cuts

“The Independent Living Fund is a ring fenced resource, for disabled people with high support needs that can provide a better lifestyle and outcomes for service users whose full needs would not be met by local authority funding. “ 

Unlike local authority and health care funding which tends to focus simply on keeping disabled people alive and clean the funding available from ILF helps disabled people to take part in society on an equal basis to non-disabled people. 

In 2010 Maria Miller, minister for Disabled People announced ILF was unsustainable and it was immediately closed to new applicants. It is planned to close completely from 2015 with no replacement funding put in place to provide this vital support to those with the most complex support needs. There is currently a very unsatisfactory consultation taking place about the future of ILF funding.

We must make it clear that we will not be silenced by this government’s injustices nor will we simply disappear. 

To lobby your MP you need to go to the House of Commons visitor’s entrance and fill out a green card or contact your MP beforehand and tell them you want to lobby them about keeping the Independent Living Fund and why it is important to you.

You can find your MPs contact details at www.parliament.uk or you can write to them at House of Commons,London,SW1A 0AA.



Paupers Picnic For Independent Living

Thursday 13th September

Meet 1.30pm at College Green, Abingdon St


Meeting MPs at 2.15pm in Committee Room 8.

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  1. Humanity2012 says:

    It is Expenses Claiming for MPS that NEEDS to be Abolished together with
    their Parliament Not Housing Benefit for Poor Families

    This Regime is Diabolical and Atrocious

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