Disabled claimants feel ‘persecuted’ by WCA system, say MPs

Friday, 07 September 2012 11:03 by John Pring in The Fed

A disabled Labour MP has delivered a passionate appeal for the government to fix the “fundamental” problems with its “fitness for work” assessment.

Dame Anne Begg, who chairs the Commons work and pensions committee, was speaking in a Commons debate for the first time since a serious injury in February that left her hospitalised.

She said that disabled people felt “persecuted” by the system that assesses their eligibility for employment and support allowance (ESA), the new out-of-work disability benefit.

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6 thoughts on “Disabled claimants feel ‘persecuted’ by WCA system, say MPs

  1. muffie02 says:

    “She said that disabled people felt “persecuted” by the system ” well no s**t sherlock – and a lot more of us are going to be persequted when PIP comes in as part of this insidious governments cost savings exercise – pity THEY dont save some costs – like from their expenses which are rising all the time – but oh no hit the disabled and the sick so we can carry on with our noses in the trough

    f** king hyocrits the lot of them !!!

  2. jeffery davies says:

    shes sprouting again and will go quiet over us only seems when it suits her well we being persecuted every day not just when she thinks to open her mouth its everyday that some one will heve their benfits stoped because of our goverments dwp atos and will they do anything yes they do spend their allowaces on frivels and so it goes on till someone rocks their boat but when are we going to see help of this lot we have to wait till hell freezers over by the look of them jeff3

  3. jed goodright says:

    Anne Begg who believes that if labour were in power would do the WCA differently/ better? Anne Begg whose leader Moribund believes labour party should ‘move away’ from the notion of wealth redistribution? Anne Begg whose leader is very happy with the WCA? Anne Begg who is thoroughly into APPEASEMENT – we don’t want the WCA ‘fixed’ we want it destroyed.

    If Anne Begg truly understood the plight of disabled people up and down the country she would not be earning her £65 000 plus expenses plus freebies rather would be OUT HERE WITH US

    Ann Begg, like Tanni Grey Thompson can FUCK OFF


    instead of her pathetic occasional noises,she should do a whole lot more for those of us having our very souls destroyed by this completely biased WCA and PIP …if she really cared for our plight she would make a whole lot of noise on a constant basis .

  5. DAVID A SHAW says:

    This is the whole point of the WCA to persecute the vulnerable and steal what is rightfully theirs ,and to line the pockets of the criminals running and instigating it.

  6. tom says:

    The main purpose in scrapping the Incapacity benefit and DLA and introducing ESA and PIP along with the WCA was solely to persecute those who are sick & disabled, the whole focus on what someone can do ,instead of what the can’t do,is a very big clue,as to what they Government DWP & ATOS and even the HMRC tribunals service to a certain extent are about,
    After reading through the WCA handbook, which is what is used by the so called HCP’s Employed by ATOS for guidance, i was disgusted their job is to counter almost every illness and disability ,and treat them like they aren’t seriously I’ll enough not to be able to work, they even use the fact that you attended the WCA ,IE used public transport,sat on a train or bus for how ever long the journey takes and walked whatever distance from train station or bus stop to assessment centre, The system in place currently is not about seeking out those who are genuinely I’ll enough not to work,from those who are well enough to work,but are exaggerating their conditions ,
    But with the way the system is geared ,it’s little wonder that some exagerate a little to satisfy one or more of the descriptors
    A system that also fails many people too sick to work, ATOS needs to be assessed not the claimants

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