Reports from the AtoS Frontline ~ Get on the Streets for A Future That Works ~ Wally Kennedy

‎”Yesterday I went to Neasden with a 59 year-old man for his ATOS “Assessment”.
We had organised for it to be tape-recorded.
What an extraordinary difference in attitude and tone from the Nurse who carried out the assessment compared to the brutal savagery of my previous visit with a different client.
The man had started work at the age of 16 (a Carpenter) and needed an operation on the top of his spine/shoulder which he had done in 2011.
He received contributions based ESA until April 2012 ( this was awarded after we had to go to Appeal Tribunal in February).
Since April he has not qualified for ESA because his partner works.
He had paid tax and Insurance for over 40 years but was not now entitled to ESA.
He was put into the WRAG and so we had requested/appealed that he be put into the Support Group as he is still awaiting another major operation early 2013.
He is in constant pain with rapidly deteriorating overall health. 
The point I am making here is that the whole re-assessment procedure was to enable him to continue having his National Insurance Stamp paid … a few quid per week … even though he would never be entitled to Benefit.
He could claim ESA if he seperated from his longstanding partner. 
Thank you Blair for introducing this cruel, unjust madness and to the ConDems for continuing to destroy the NHS and making him wait ever longer for his operation.
Their system drives us mad … and then they gleefully question our sanity.
Get on the streets on October 20th … no excuses … all those who can … please be there….”
~ Wally Kennedy


2 thoughts on “Reports from the AtoS Frontline ~ Get on the Streets for A Future That Works ~ Wally Kennedy

  1. steve davies says:

    We need an army to fight this onslaught on the disabled- maybe we need to form a new order/new religion and claim persecution for our beliefs and practice/craft. A brilliant point about recording ….what about video recording? Also, if your not happy with the nurse or doctor …you have the right to report them for, say, unprofessional conduct or being rude or not giving you correct information. Can you take a solicitor with you and alert police of an impending crime about to occur.

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