Collaborating with the Enemy: Assist U.K. & Croydon Disability Forum (both DPOs) will administer Atos PIP assessments

Black Triangle will be taking a position on this and will blog shortly.

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10 thoughts on “Collaborating with the Enemy: Assist U.K. & Croydon Disability Forum (both DPOs) will administer Atos PIP assessments

  1. Phil Reilly says:

    We all know how these Atos Bastards have treated people at so called assessments, in order for Capita to get future contracts off this Scumbag government they will have to be just as brutal, resulting in total carnage, canny wait.

  2. Dissabled dave says:

    How any organisation claiming to represent the disabled could support Atos in tendering for even more opportunities to remove help from the disabled, given what has happened already, is beyond me.

    Given the publicity relating to the way Atos treats the disabled, which should put ANYONE of any moral stature off from helping them, I can only assume that those responsible for giving the help are seriously disabled – they must be blind, deaf, and stupid.

  3. jeffery davies says:

    ah atos wont leave many get dla or the now new pips so when the torys said only so many on pips we know now how atos them jeff3 god help us

  4. Dissabled dave says:

    I’m NOT equating impairment with duplicity, I’m impaired myself, and I’m not duplicitous. Nor do I consider most disabled people to be duplicitous. What I was saying was that anybody, disabled or not, would be horrified at the idea of working with the enemy. Therefore, those aiding the enemy must either be unaware of what has been going on (so blind and deaf) or too thick to realise what they have been doing (so stupid).

    I also have a sense of humour, so I can laugh at my disabilities. Bloody hell, if the thought police consider it politically incorrect for a disabled person to use terms of disablement in making comments, then we should all just shut up and let Atos/Government remove all benefits so we die of starvation.

    As it happens I have written many, many letters to my MP, to the relevant member in The Lords, to newspapers, and to radio and TV channels in fighting against the injustice of the Atos tests.

    How active are you?

  5. Laz says:

    I don`t know how much longer I can cope with this.My last Atos visit was around the time of the last general election where I continued to recieve Mobility Allowance at the higher rate,and DLA at the higher rate + Esa but wrote to the DWP and told them I would no longer need allowance for home care as I was able to deal with with the problems my Irritatable Bowel was causing as I was more setteld and organised than before I had the triple Heart by pass.I had three stents in before then but got clogged up again ,my Cardiac specialist said stress was my biggest problem but as I was dealing with issues created by abuse both growing up and as a young adult also being drugged and assaulted later in my 40`s.I had some councelling and got eventualy to see the people at the mental health unit but after a couple of meetings they did not concider me physicaly up to treatment and am left on prozac.I have a CPAP machine at night as I have sleep apnea but don`t get much rest as there are people who hammer on the window of my bedroom and wake me at all hours as My breathing and snoring gets loud and the flats are cheap build housing association with not much sound insulation.I have contacted the landlords but nothing gets done.
    I live alone and just about manage but recently had to see the specialist who has increase and added to my heart meds as I have started getting chest pains again,then all the stress fires up again when the Atos form came the other day.
    I keep my meds in a seven section pill box for the week so I don`t forget or take them twice as I did before but the Boxe`s were empty today so I sat down doing a one for me then filling the boxes with one sort then moving on to the next .I had nearly finished one drug then looked and realised I had just swallowed the whole 90mg instead of my 15mg.I had lost concentration as my brain is doing overtime contiuosly thinking of the test and how the hell am I going to cope if they take away my mobility and stick me on Jsa.I can walk but only in small distances,rest and continue .Inclines are out and I have to use Tramadol to go shopping and use the trolly as a walking aid,trouble is the tramadol conflicts with the other meds and knocks me right down for two days after.Iam sure many of you have a lot worse to deal with so why are we being treated so badly,are they trying to kill us off ?
    Everything they are doing is against the United Nations Bill of Human rites .Iread that many have died being told they were fit for work,is this what the government are trying to achieve?I belive this is Domicde which is defined as the killing in domestic society by government either directly or indirectly by policy.
    I just cant cope with this.


  6. Laz says:

    PS: I phoned the Doctor but fortunately the drugs I over Dosed were gastro instestinal and would not give any problem.Good Job it wasn`t my Blood Pressure Tablets.

  7. Chris Salter says:

    In the interest of accurate reporting I have to point out that you are conflating two separate reports from Disability News Service. Assist UK & Croydon Disability Forum have been advising Capita not ATOS according to the quoted reports. If you have evidence that they are also among the unnamed DPO’s advising ATOS you should have included that evidence in the above blog entry.

    We rightly protest against the DWP’s ongoing campaign of disinformation and so we ought to try to maintain the high ground ourselves in that respect.

  8. Humanity2012 says:

    This is Evil and Un Acceptable . Billions are Wasted by the UK upon Nuclear
    Weapons and the War Mongering in Afghanistan and MP’s have £65,000 plus
    Expenses and the Weakest and Most Vulnerable are Expected to just Suffer

    This is an Un Acceptable Outrage just like those who Believe the Bigotry of the
    Tabloids and ” Quality ” Newspapers above the Truth of the Suffering of the

    Charities Must be there to Help Not to be Out for Business Profits

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