German Official gives the German Olympic Team Hitler Salute while Camilla Parker-Bowles and BoJo look on

UPDATE: Sunday 29th July 2012

The man is Mr Walther TRÖGER, a German IOC Member since 1989. He IS giving a salute, as it turns out – The ‘Olympic Salute’! 

It turns out that this has caused much confusion in the past and has mainly been discontinued for that reason:

‘Since the Second World War the greeting has fallen out of use because of the possibility of it being mistaken for the Nazi salute, although no official stance has been taken on the matter by the IOC.’


We demand to know who this man is:











This is totally This is totally  unacceptable and must be the subject of a full inquiry.











This man is PERSONA NON GRATA in our country as far as our campaign is concerned!  

~ Black Triangle Campaign


10 thoughts on “German Official gives the German Olympic Team Hitler Salute while Camilla Parker-Bowles and BoJo look on

  1. Stephen Carty says:

    This doesn’t look like anything like a wave to me – do you wave like that?

    Watch the clip.

    Maybe his right hand didn’t know what his left hand was doing

    or perhaps it was only following orders.

    I am just calling it as I see it.

    Look at Camilla’s reaction and Bojo’s.

    If he is one row in front of the royal family he is there by official invite.

    Perhaps he ought to be a bit more self-aware.

    He has the opportunity to expain himself – let him use it –

    Who is he?

    Black Triangle Campaign

    Others have expressed concern too:

  2. Raymond Kelly says:

    When you get old you forget and fall back into the old habits – a bit like doctor Strangelove.

  3. Mike says:

    Apparently, this is the authorised Olympic salute, given with the left arm, while a Nazi salute is given with the right arm.
    It was largely dropped due to the obvious mistake like that seen this time.

  4. kasbah says:

    I was watching as this happened and was shocked and incredulous- the last thing I was expecting- it was a Nazi salute! astonishing.

  5. Tim says:

    Yea . I saw this ” live “. They can argue the details , bur its definetely an aryan master race salute.
    Its clearly not representative of Germany or the German people , but this nazi ism is still going on. I’d say if they couldve got away with it , the whole royal family wouldve been stood next to him.

  6. Humanity2012 says:

    The National Socialists used the 1936 Berlin Olympics as Propaganda for the Regime
    and it looks like Propaganda for the Regime the 2012 London Olympics

    Netherless the term Eugenics was invented by a Briton and Germany Existed Long
    before National Socialism so I DO Not View all Germans as National Socialists

    Most Important is Demanding and Getting Better Policies with Regards to Welfare
    Provision and Protection of the Disabled

  7. Christine says:

    Sorry Black Triangle Campaign but I really don’t think you are doing yourselves any favours over this ‘story’. I have often had this sort of acknowledgement from a distance – it’s sort of an extended wave to make sure you can be seen. To describe it as a Nazi salute is a form of discrimination and stereotyping against a man you state that you don’t know. Not knowing this man how on earth can you dare to presume his intentions other than based on his German nationality. I find this as distasteful as having a pop at somebody in a wheelchair who CAN walk for short periods but is castigated when they are seen walking as not really needing a wheelchair. Please concentrate on the real issues or the Black Triangle Campaign will be in serious danger of being seen as a group of moral outrage campaigners who shout “Foul!” at everything and anything…

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