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Past the point of caring

Posted on June 25, 2012 by seth

It seems very clear to me that David Cameron has a mission to rid the UK of poor, disabled and now even young people who might even be working… let me make it clear what my mission is, and I don’t care who knows, to drive a stake through David Cameron’s heart and the hearts of the rest of the conservative cabinet.

At least if I was in prison, the government would have to look after me right, 3 meals a day, roof over my head… OK so maybe the other people there and what they might think of me is quite a concern, but perhaps not so much of a concern as trying to find somewhere to live when you have no money and no-one wants to rent to you because you don’t have a job and are claiming Housing Benefit.

Hackney Council have been fairly helpful, they have told me that if I find a property myself where the Landlord is prepared to accept housing benefit, then they could pay the deposit and 1st month’s rent from Discretionary Housing Payments, since I am classed as “vulnerable”, they may even be able to help me find somewhere, but the chances finding somewhere soon are slim since there is a huge demand for housing in Hackney and very very few Landlords who want to accept Housing Benefit. Who can blame them really, given all the bad press benefit claimants have received thanks to the Government’s propaganda…

On the 16th July my lease will end and it would seem even if I was to stick it out and get evicted then I might not get rehoused, I might have to live in a Homeless hostel, something I haven’t done since I was 17 and to be honest I imagine that its little better than Prison, apart from the whole locked doors thing. If I move out of Hackney to other boroughs where housing is cheaper, or even out of London, then I will not get help with the deposit and first month’s rent. I have no money right now, I am owed money from Tax Credits, from Housing Benefit and from ESA, but of course I have no idea when they will pay up and I doubt that would be enough to cover my moving expenses, then of course I would need to find money to pay the next month’s rent in a month from now.

I really have no motivation to do anything, it seems pointless for me to even look at places to live on rightmove and such. as the chances that they will say yes to Housing Benefit are minimal. And of course its not as if you could hide it even if I had the money, since they want employment references and credit checks, etc, etc…

I am disabled, I am 32 years old, I deserve better treatment than this by the state, but clearly I am not worth it.

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  1. Allen Vincent says:

    Seth I fully understand what you’re saying, it must be an autistic thing. The World has gone crazy & I feel Hackney should provide you with a personal assistant/support worker to help you get out of that catch 22 situation.
    My Mum and I are in hell to. I was unlawfully arrested by Canterbury Police on 11.5.2012 and kept in cell for 15 hours, no solicitor, no doctor, no appropriate adult, had to drink toilet water at some stages, they stopped bringing me inhaler, took pillow and blanket off me, took police code of conduct/practice book off me. Took down my youtube account with police brutality/intimidation and attempted murder on my Mum video’s on it. when I answered bail I was arrested again, so many core basic human right laws being broken by Police, councils, vulnerable adult teams, NHS. Crikey even my Mum’s home care was unlawfully stopped before it was started!
    We all need more legal protection or easier access to solicitors as Mum and I received unlawful discrimination in services under Equality Act 2010 by over 30 solicitors now, victimisation much !!
    Seems only hatred helps us stay in the fight sadly.

  2. Mike Caics says:

    The word we should be ready to use is not merely ‘revolution’ but ‘sedition’ – for inculcated in all of this, is the silence of the Church. Yes. Curse them! The sodomites of the Catholic Church and Anglican Church are SILENT about ALL of this injustice and socially divisive rhetoric. The Church stands to lose billions of pounds of support and welfare if they say anything; yet the irony is that they are COMMANDED by the Head of All Churches – their Messiah – Jesus Christ to fight, to bleed and to die to protect the people from the onslaught of all evils – be they man-made or no.

    Yet they do NOT. They wring their hands and serve up platitudes and patronizing bullsh*t. They cringe and cower in the face of Governments and Dictators alike. They do NOTHING but ‘mitigate’ the behaviour and effect of criminal neglect and harm.

    Curse them ALL. Curse their God and curse the Dogma they cling to!

    Would there was a sword of spirit, it would be right to hack them to pieces with it!

    They would rather protect their money, property and pensions: though YOU and I have none – and Government seeks to destroy what is left of the Welfare State…

    As for their God. He too is a f*cking Tory!!

    May they all die in agony: may they be murdered in their beds.. So perish ALL tyrants: aye – even those appointed by God himself.

  3. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Seth , you are not worthless, you have more value than a million David Cameron.s and that is the truth. He will pay a heavy price for this evil, true and real evil, the kind the Nazis committed. Yes i have no hesitation in likening this corrupt government to the regime of Hitler. As to me i see no difference between the two, both were destructive, heartless and killed without a second thought . This is the work of the tories, to rid this country of any who cannot service their paymasters , the corporations and banks with free and heartfelt devotion. Yes curse them all, and all they have visited on the disabled , poor and vulnerable will return to them, but a thousandfold. David Cameron is an ignorant and moronic individual who will face his own apocalypse at the ballot box. But i do agree with the previous poster i have to say. And to add i would shed no tears if such a thing were to happen , for the bastards deserve it.

  4. kasbah says:

    Dear Seth.
    I’m right with you. I’ve truly had it. Enough is enough. You are a brave worthwhile man. I am grieved to hear of your suffering. Cameron is not worthy to lick your boots. If he tries to lick them come the day of reckoning, stamp on his forked tongue.

    1. jefflph says:

      amen to that sister that guy cam moron he thinks to much of himself,he left his kid in a pub what a plonker .. jeff lph

  5. Allen Vincent says:

    Seth thanks for your earlier post, just did a long one here in reply but I keep getting error error error without it telling me what the error is so doing a short post to see if this site is working now.

  6. Allen Vincent says:

    SETH sorry I missed your reply above. Crazy day as my Mum is trying to kill herself via starvation (on 2nd day) she’s 75 with diabetes and surviving heart attack etc. She thinks if she dies then services will help me but I’ve tried to convince Mum that, that is what public services want as Mum is my only support and Dad died in 2009.

    I was arrested for harassment by the vicar that cremated my Dad in 2009 in Aylesham the cruelty and ignorant factors are high here. He was being ignorant and patronising and quite frankly I made him feel stupid by correcting some of his mistakes, plus had a video of it as Mum was gobsmacked at how the vicar treated us as well and it affected her badly. So Canterbury Police came to Mum’s house again on morning of 11.5.2012 and there were nasty bastards to even my Mum (police been to Mum’s and my Doncaster house many times to harass, intimidate us into silence) So morning Police went away but on the same day 11.5.2012 3 ignorant canterbury police came to Mum’s again to arrest me, they just wanted my police video’s on youtube and my mobile phone.
    Plus deaf recorded calls. Example here hope ok to give link if not then just remove link please

    link was here Police cover up 999 recorded call.
    This one is part of case 1SE06800 as it appears i am first disabled to make “unassisted” N1 County Court claim via Sheffield County court (horrific times, the staff and management ignore all laws) so my claim was unlawfully closed down. Even what I call the enemy solicitors told Court i need help as I have no support worker/personal assistant but they ignore everything.
    link was here

    This is painted help on Mum’s fence link was here

    I was also unlawfully dismissed from Nissan Doncaster when I was diagnosed with aspergers & dyspraxia in 2010 solicitors ignore my disabilities and how ill/overwhelmed I was so breach the solicitors code of conduct, sheffield employment tribunal ignore all my pleas, when ET realised I was in kent with my Mum, they disgustingly started sending loads of mail to my Doncaster house when they knew I was over 200 miles away ! That is how dirty and underhand the courts can be.

    P.s. Seth you are not worthless.

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