‘I did not ask to be injured’ – 365 day time limited cutoff of ESA for people living with a partner kicks in

The Staffordshire Sentinel

IN RESPONSE to the article in The Sentinel, May 15 about benefits changes

I had an accident at work over two years ago, which has left me with a crushed bone in my lower back.

I suffer with a great deal of pain, and have difficulty in walking and every day tasks.


I recently won an appeal as the Employment and Support Allowance body (ESA) said I was fit for work, although I am still awaiting an operation.


Then,two weeks before the end of April I was told that, due to changes, I was not entitled to ESA, as I had already been on it for 365 days and this was the maximum.

I also have a partner who works more than 24 hours a week, so we are not entitled to any benefits.

To me this is wrong. We pay our tax all our working days, and when we need help it’s taken away, and we are told to go to work or starve.

I didn’t ask to have an accident, and it’s not my doing, that I have been waiting so long for the operation.

I feel sorry for Mr Howle and all I can say is well done to the Government, on achieving to make the disabled even worse off.

D WESTON Cheadle

The Staffordshire Sentinel

3 thoughts on “‘I did not ask to be injured’ – 365 day time limited cutoff of ESA for people living with a partner kicks in

  1. jeffrey davies says:

    another screwed one by this goverment who dont even care about us .time limited they ALL WANT TO BE TIME LIMITED so we could say goodbye by this corrupt goverment the tory party and whot do they do when caught with hand in the till sorry i forgot its unreal how this lot getting away with being dishonest and a pack of liars jeff3

  2. DAVID A SHAW says:

    But i bet this does not effect IDS and his Nazi cohorts in any shape or form, after all they make legislation to suit themselves and sod everybody esle.

  3. Humanity 2012 says:

    Get this Government Out of Office it is Clear how Out of Touch they are a Cabinet
    of Millionaires

    Any Government should and must be Constitutionally Obliged to Protect the Welfare
    Benefits of the Poor and Vulnerable Not Wreck Misery whilst Wasting Billions of
    Pounds upon Warfare like Afghanistan and Perhap’s Iran if People carry on like

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