Purge on disabled a Nazi piece of work – The Scottish Sun

By ANDREW NICOLL, Scottish Political Editor

Published: Today at 01:45


A DOCTOR yesterday likened the UK Government’s welfare reform crackdown on disabled people to the “barbarism” of the NAZIS.

Dr Stephen Carty told MSPs they must “fight back” against Westminster’s introduction of tough new tests to see if people are fit to work.

He said the policy could push hospital services to the brink of collapse, and warned the Scottish Government not to use the ‘Nuremberg Defence’ — where Nazi war criminals said they were “only obeying orders”. Dr Carty said: “Now is the time to mobilise a campaign of resistance.”

The Edinburgh GP is part of the Black Triangle Campaign, named after the badges the Nazis forced disabled people to wear in World War Two death camps. The changes have seen over a third of Scots Incapacity Benefit claimants passed as OK to work.

In Clackmannanshire more than half of those on the sick — 51 per cent — were classed as fit.

Holyrood’s Welfare Reform Committee is due to deliver a report on the impact of the changes before Parliament rises next month.

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  1. JJ says:

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    I am a 35 year old man that as been diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome which for those who don’t know is a form of mild autism although the way in which it effects a person can be quite severe. Alongside that I have a leaky heart valve and numerous co-morbid mental health conditions which come from having Aspergers. The sad thing about this is that for most of my life I have been trying to get somewhere and become financial independent. Being on Incapacity Benefit meant that the government acknowledged that certain people in society were unable to work and were assessed by doctors every so many years. Now because of this radical change it seems all of sudden everyone is expected to work. A lot people with my condition are seen as normal everyday people and because of the way I am I see the world very differently. I am so used to living on the safety net while I have been developing my artistic abilities that this huge change caused me to suffer great anxiety and fear. I just feel terrified about being made to go back to work where I have been bullied and ridiculed so many times. I tried to become self employed while on Incapacity Benefit a year ago which didn’t work out, but I was always on the look out for ways to getting off the benefits. Unfortunately the Job Center admitted that it had very little support for me in regards to self employment after I took the plunge. The sad thing is I tried even though I was only allowed to earn a £20 pound profit margin on top of my benefits in order to move on from the benefit system. Now I am currently awaiting to hear from Atos to see if I got the 15 points to get me onto the new ESA. I don’t think Ill qualify especially that while at the interview I was made to feel like I was making everything up and that non of my problems were addressed. If I knew a way to make money without getting benefits I would but society judges disabilities and your lucky if you can get anywhere without a degree and are self taught. By reducing the amount of money a person receives is only taking away the options of self development and the thing that winds me up the most, is that everyone in receipt of benefits were putting back into society and the economy anyway such as the retail market. Capitalism as become really extreme and will become more and more so, until the people start to fight against this.

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    Here’s hopping Holyrood will listen to the Doc’s wise words !.

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    The test isn’t designed to see if you are fit for work but to deprive you of much needed benfits and help. It’s a flawed badly designed test based on too rigid a framework and a deliberate misunderstanding of how disability affects the individual. The majority of people do not fit into little pidgeonholes no matter how much you would like them to.

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    People like this Doctor are doing an amazing job helping the vulnerable. Yes there are people ripping off the system & THEY should be targeted but in reality it is much easier to pick on those too ill to put up a fight, making their health worse. Those responsible to get the numbers of disabled down DO NOT care who they get, it’s all numbers. As usual Politicians will do nothing until people start dying.

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    I am a person diagnosed with M.E. This is a neurological illness that is frequently misdiagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). However, people with M.E. often have reason to have a negative perception of doctors, benefits agencies and insurance companies because of prejudice about the illness. In recent months, my view of the medical profession has changed because of doctors like Stephen Carty who have the courage to stand-up for the finest principals of the physician’s code. Brave and honourable conduct which I salute.

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    the goverment should be concentrating their efforts in rooting out the shysters using the welfare system not the vulnerable. there are plenty of people abusing the system but it is too easy to target the ones who do need help.

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    The Tory way, cut the benefits of the poorest in society and lower the tax of the richest.
    Roll on Independence.
    13 HOURS AGO

    Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/4291827/Purge-on-disabled-a-Nazi-piece-of-work.html#ixzz1tkcjhjJq

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