Dear Dave and Nick…What is Society, Big or British coming to?


“Dear Dave,
What is society, Big or British, coming to? What have we come to in the UK when people living with disability are reduced to chaining themselves up in public to protest at Welfare cuts? Not scroungers or work shy as they are increasingly called, but disabled people deserving our help, respect and support.
Did you know, Mencap believes that Coalition cuts planned for Disability Living allowance could see 500,000 people lose money? You must see how stark the disparity is between rich and poor? And there is no doubt that money and privilege can be a real buffer against some of the financial aspects of disability. 
A callous lot we must seem to people outside this country: a rich nation allowing our wealthiest to remain in a disconnected bubble, rewarded in the Budget with a reduction to the top rate of income tax, whilst disabled people and their families see benefits and services withdrawn.
Is this what you mean in your Coalition agreement by ” freedom, fairness and responsibility”, gentlemen? There are other ways to reduce the deficit,than treating the vulnerable in this way.
What is Society, Big and British coming to? Heartless and shameful I would say.
With best wishes…”

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