Consultation on Leveson Inquiry/press portrayal of disability


Please submit the links to articles in the tabloid media that you personally have found offensive, insulting, humiliating or degrading.
If you’re a bit stuck, just go to the websites of The Daily Mail, The Sun or The Daily Express and enter “fit for work” “Incapacity Benefit” “Workshy” or “Scrounger” (for starters) and see if you’re not pissed off that 70% of the population has swallowed their vile filth – hook, line and sinker! 
This Government-instigated defamation campaign against sick and/or disabled people has served to ‘indoctrinate’ (for that is what it is) and deceive the “general public” into believing that there exists an army of scroungers in Britain -which is simply NOT the case.
All the empirical evidence clearly shows that the economic (“It’s the ECONOMY, stupid!” as the saying went in an 80’s US election) that decides whether we can work or not and – until the almighty ATOS took over – our GP’s and Consultants.
They peddled their defamation in order to whip up prejudice simply to cut £28bn from welfare – not including NHS and Social Care budgets – in the space of just four years.
They came for us first. YOU’RE NEXT!
Please tell the Leveson Inquiry why you think this is wrong and submit the evidence showing that the mass media has been complicit in crimes against disabled people; by supporting a government assault on disabled people that is unprecedented in the modern post-war period and by remaining silent on the injustices being perpetrated upon our people!
There follows from so-called “DRUK”: 
We are responding to the Leveson Inquiry into press culture, practice and ethics due to the recent increase in negative reporting of ‘disability’ and a perceived (and possibly associated) rise in harassment and discrimination of disabled people.

We would like you to contribute by completing our short survey.

We will use the information you provide us on your experiences and ideas to feed back to the Leveson Inquiry. Full information on this inquiry is available online at:


3 thoughts on “Consultation on Leveson Inquiry/press portrayal of disability

  1. Ian M Davies says:

    Used my chronic condition to invent things to help others and in the process created work for over a dozen UK businesses, some of these wanted me to work for them but just a few hours aggravated my condition and lasted for days. ATOS the DWP and the media are colluding to blame sick people for their circumstances, ATOS do not talk to any professional dealing with the claimant or any business that has tried to employ the claimant. Whats really wrong is ATOS claim to use professionals but they are not accountable for their opinions, their failure rate of over 70% speaks for itself and it cost the taxpayers millions. ATOS are getting rich by targeting the sick and disabled.

    If my condition improves or is treated I would return to work, in the meantime I will continue to help people with my inventions knowing it will help me find work should my condition improve.

  2. Mo Stewart says:

    Once again there is confusion. ATOS staff are not required to have any ‘opinions’. What they do have/use is a very elementary occupational health questionnaire, designed with very limited answers, that’s meant for the WORKPLACE and is entirely INAPPROPRIATE as any form of a so called ‘medical assessment’ – hence so many appeals due to so many totally wrong results. The LIMA softwear used offers such limited possible answers to the questions that most people are bound to fail to achieve the necessary points, regardless of how disabled they are – this info is following 2 years of research.

    Also, it’s NOT up to ATOS to consult with professionals etc, as the decision to offer disability benefits is a DWP decision NOT an ATOS decision, and that’s how ATOS can deny culpability and this is a direct copy from UNUM Insurance in the US, one of the most discredited corporate insurance giants in the world and who are co-conspirators with the DWP and have been since 1994.

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