Disabled woman risks losing home after mobility allowance is stopped

A DISABLED woman is at risk of “losing everything” after having her mobility allowance withdrawn, despite her condition worsening.

Gemma Goode who has had her disability allowance cut and is facing difficulties continuing with her current job as a result.

Gemma Goode, aged 24, from Duston, Northampton, said she felt let down by her Government following the decision to cancel her benefit, which supplies her with a rental car, after receiving it for seven years.

Miss Goode, an administrator for a firm in Moulton Park, was born with most of her fingers and toes missing, and walks with great difficulty.

She relied on her car to get to work, as well as carry out basic tasks like shopping, but now faces sacrificing her job.

The Department of Work and Pensions said Miss Goode no longer met the criteria for the allowance, despite supporting letters from doctors and surgeons.

Miss Goode has been forced to take days off to allow her feet to recover from the two-hour bus journey to and from work but fears she will eventually have to resign as her condition worsens.

Her dreams of starting a degree at The University of Northampton in September will also be dashed without the benefit.

She said: “A car is essential to me living a normal life. It means I can go shopping, get to the swimming pool and more importantly get to work.

“I can’t understand why this time round my claim has been refused. They said their criteria hasn’t changed and my condition has actually got worse, so it doesn’t make any sense.

“At the moment I have to take anti-inflamatory tablets and painkillers to get me through the day as it’s a struggle to walk very far but I can’t keep this up.

“I’m at risk of losing my home, everything, if I lose my job.

“I cried when I found out because this means the end of life as I know it.”

Miss Goode’s case is being taken to appeal by Northampton Community Law, but could take up to 12 months to be dealt with.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Work and Pensions said: “If someone’s needs change they may not be entitled to the benefit any more or they may get it at a different rate.

“If people disagree with a decision they should contact the department to reconsider and can provide any additional medical evidence if needed .”

Miss Goode, who has a place to study occupational therapy at the University of Northampton, began a blog about her ordeal www.ectrodactyly.blogspot.com

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