13 thoughts on “Private Eye – What a Bunch of Tossers….

  1. Mo Stewart says:

    ATOS will insist that Atos IT Services – who are running the IT for the Olympics – is the parent company. Atos Healthcare are a seperate entity, in a DWP contract, and therefore the two are unrelated. This is how such protests will be dismissed.

    1. Holmey says:

      But Atos IT Services is not Atos Healthcare’s parent company Mo, with Atos Healthcare being a trading division of Atos IT Services and there is a major difference,both in law and other ways between a subsidiary company and a trading division.

  2. Mo Stewart says:

    Thanks. Haven’t a clue what that means but thought we’d agreed that Atos Healthcare doesn’t exist as a compnay and the cheques are identified as being from Atos Origin Medical Services…. Either way, Atos Origin IT Services will attempt to distance themselves to wriggle out of the problem I think?

  3. AndMac says:

    I read the original article in Private Eye, read your lead line and thought WHAT! Private Eye are very much on our side, TG.
    Private Eye are just brilliant at niggling away and not letting a story drop (how often do you see Eye passim, regular Eye readers?) Watch that space.

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