Internet Censorship Bullies Strike Again?

It looks like possibly the DWP, (Department of Worry & Pain as one of our clan calls them), have been taking a lesson from Atos as I’ve just been informed that the following anti workfare websites have today been taken down or suspended. … tract.html


If anybody is in touch/can get in touch with the admin of any of the above websites can you please suggest to them that they get in touch with me via the contact us page of this website and I will do what I can to help them get their sites restored on servers in Iceland, (where this site is hosted), where they will come under the protection of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative and thus out of reach of bullying of this nature.

So much for freedom of speech in the UK Hey?


9 thoughts on “Internet Censorship Bullies Strike Again?

  1. Michael Caits on Facebook says:

    So far I have written to the BBC News, Channel 4 News, The Guardian, Independent and Telegraph to highlight the Government’s attempt to Legalize Slavery in Britain. I have even quoted some of their own sources about the Workfare Program – and how it has, so far, enabled forcing the Unemployed Disabled to be compelled to do a full weeks work for their meagre Benefits when the same job is being done by a Full-Time Employee (Matalan, Tesco, ASDA are all taking advantage of slave labour..) earning between £17,000 and £21,800 per annum – along with health, pension and other advantages. I have also recently written to BBC’s Panorama programme asking why they have not taken up the story about Government’s ‘legalised slavery’ and why they seem to have turned their backs on the problems of the Disabled and Unemployed, who are also ‘Licence Payers?’

  2. Bill Kruse on Facebook says:

    The first site is up for sale, say domaintools whois. “ is for sale
    The owner of the domain you are researching has it listed for sale for $15,954 Buy now” It’s owner is one Daniel Humphreys.

  3. Bill Kruse on Facebook says:

    The other site, owned by the same guy, has been suspended. That’s not normally something I’d associate with government intervention. Daniel doesn’t give a contact address so we can’t ask him.

  4. primrose says:

    hi al i came across the above site 6mths ago, still learning, main point i like to say, is everything you sign is a contract/agreement, in comon law, contract law, dwp and atos, need your consent, in any way to under go thier atos abuseive emedical, and also to change to new benifit, esa from ib or in, our names where given to us by ones parent,s, so our name is a legal fiction and not real,, and we all being lied to abbout all our daily rights, at time when we have so little, is anyone is able to understand the comon law, via the site and how to use this to help block all builles of atos and dwp and acts and bills from uk are called satutes, not unfroceable, to under stand this, how and what this means to us on benfits, may be of use, to know, and share this info,

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