“Boycott the Paralympics” They do nothing but harm the lives of ordinary disabled men & women in the UK

For many disabled people the Paralympics next year is just another kick in the face, especially as one of the major sponsors are Atos, this company seem to want to get their disgusting hands in everything, are they not contented with destroying the lives of disabled people who have to rely on benefit’s?


The decision to allow Atos to have anything to do with the Paralympics was a huge mistake, a decision which obviously had nothing to do with morals or ethics, it is all about money, people’s lives mean jack shit to the organisers of the event.

The Paralympics should be boycotted by all, not just by disabled people but the public in general, it does nothing to help the average disabled person in this country, all it does is highlights the way in which the majority of disabled people are treated, If you’re a paralympian you’re a worthy individual, a person who has overcome your disability to become a citizen of this country, a NON SCROUNGER, a person who contributes, on the other hand us mere crips who are not so gifted end up on the front pages of the press for very different reasons, we are workshy, scroungers, malingerer’s.

I spoke to Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson some time ago about this very subject, I honestly don’t believe a single Paralympian has any idea as to what’s going on, that’s my view and I’m sticking to it, Tanni Grey wouldn’t be drawn in to giving an answer, politics again I suppose rearing its ugly head.

Whilst on Twitter this afternoon I had a reply from a tweet to Liam Harbison, he being the CEO of the Paralympics ofIreland organisation, when I posted that the Paralympics should be boycotted this is the reply I got.

“Sorry 4200 athletes with disabilities displaying their immense talent to the world is not place for your cause”

I’m very sorry Mr.Harbison you think like that, obviously your sole interest is for the 4200 disabled athletes participating, you obviously don’t give a flying F### for the hundreds of thousands of disabled people who’s lives are being totally destroyed by one of your sponsors, namely ATOS?

Everyone can make up their own mind about the Paralympics but I’m calling for all groups and Individuals to openly back a boycott of this event, please let me know what you all think.

Read more on the issue HERE: http://victimsofatoscorruption.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/boycott-the-paralympics-they-do-nothing-but-harm-the-lives-of-ordinary-disabled-men-women-in-the-uk/

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